Pindeshwor Temple

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The  Pindeshwar  temple is situated in a bit hilly part of east Dharan, known as Vijayapur Dada, Sunsari, province1,  Nepal. Although Hindu pilgrims visit this temple of God Shiva all the year round, the month of Shrawana is the time of special homage to the Lord. Mondays in Shrawana  are tremendously crowded at Pindeshwar as devotees line up there to pray and receive blessings , taking holy water from the rivers Koshi, Koka Barahi, even from the Ganges if they have already kept it with them. The stern devotees visit the temple bare foot from wherever their journey begins. They believe that true believers, wishes are fulfilled once you pay homage to Shiva. It is marked for small oil lamps that are never let to die out. There is a small man-made pond in front of the temple. There are simple to sophisticated hotels in Dharan.

Pindeshwor Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in the central region of Dharan, at the base of the Vijayapur Hill. During the auspicious month of Shravan (the fifth month of the Hindu Calendar that begins by the end of July) and on the occasion of Maha Shivratri (14th day of the Phalgun month of the Hindu calendar), Pindeshwor temple particularly witnesses an increase in the number of devotees. The lamp at this temple is always kept burning. Here, tourists may choose to offer prayers and spend some time enjoying the divine vibe of the temple.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal