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Taltalaiya is one of the most famous park & recognized family tourism spots in Province no 1. It lies 5km north from East-West Highway in Itahari sub metropolitan city. Previously, it was a wetland but was converted into a park and has been emerging as one of the most popular parks of the region. It is covered in an area of 77 hectares and consists of combination of seven lakes that has an area coverage of about 20 hectares.

According to the history records, this region was discovered in the year 1999 and the park was established and opened to public after the construction of well paved roads. Under the leadership of the then-chief Sarvadhwaj Sawa, attempts were made in 2055 and 2056 BS to develop Taltalaiya area as a tourist destination in Itahari.The Urban Development and Building Division Office built a motor road from Itahari’s Jute Bikas Tole to Taltalaiya in 2062 BS, as well as a building within the Taltalaiya Conservation Area, drinking water, culverts, bathrooms, picnic cabins, and paved paths for tourists.

There are many statues and sculptures made in this area during the recent reconstruction by international sculptors from countries like Japan, Germany, India, China, etc. These statues include mesmerizing designs of mother statue, human heart statue, fish statues and other statues which are made up of stones form the riverside of Dharan. The presence of lush greenery and alluring natural environment are also some of the other factors adding to the beauty of this park. Similarly, visitors can also enjoy the experience of boating in this area which comes at a cheap price of Nrs 200 as compared to the level of thrill and fun it provides.

This Park is well sanitated as well as well managed and is visited by groups of friends for having some fun and food, by the families to spend some quality time together and also couples to enjoy their peaceful talk on the lap of nature. The main attraction of this park is stone statue which was designed and built by Dhanush yakha in 2015. Some of the other artistic sculptors that have contributed to the construction of other statues are Sunita Rana, Om Khatri, Lalkaji Lama, Dhanu Yakhya, Naradmuni Haatmchhali& have surely added a unique beautification to this pond.

In addition to all these, this park also features a well decorated and manged zoo that houses animals and birds like fox, rabbit, deer, eagle, wild cats and many more. The recent renovation and reconstruction of this park has added several additional trees and plants, small cottages and other free spaces that provide an optimum ambience for hosting family or friends picnic, get-together or other recreational events.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal

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