Gokyo Lake


Situated in Solukhumbu, Province 1, Nepal, Gokyo lake falls within the geography of Sagarmatha National Park. The Gokyo Lake is an alternative route to the trekkers  to get to the Everest Base Camp. You will find the route to the Gokyo Lake sparsely travelled by. However, the attraction and pleasure of icy rivers, stony glacier debris, alluring mountains and the acquaintance with the local people are always available.

The Gokyo Lake is a comprehensive name to six different lakes at the elevation of 4700 to 5000 metres. The lake is part of the Gokyo valley. These subsidiary lakes form the system of the world’s highest freshwater. The Gokyo Lake has been given a nomenclature of Ramsar Site, with the dignity of the wetlands of international importance. It is also regarded as one of the sacred places by Hindus and Buddhists.

After your arrival at Gokyo Valley, if you spend one day extra, you can visit round 5th and 6th lakes,at the foot of the sixth highest Mt. Cho Oyu, that help make up the Gokyo Lake. Walking around five hours a day means that you can climb the steep up Gokyo RI, 5357 metres, so as to view Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse and Makalu. With this climb accomplished, you can have the view of Nepal’s largest glacier known as Ngojumpa. As a preparation of acclimatization, you may trek to Khumjung village near from Namche and visit the school established by Sir Edmund Hilary, who,  together with Tenzing Norgey Sherpa, was the first in the world to set foot on top of the Everest.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal