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Basic Info
City: Sailung
District: Ramechhap
Province: Bagmati
Country: Nepal

“Sai”, literally ” hundred” and “Lung”, literally “hill”, combined as “Sailung”, meaning “hundred hills” or “Land of Hundred Hills”, borders two districts Ramechhap and Dolakha in the Province Bagmati, nearly in Central Nepal. Though it borders Dolakha, it lies in Ramechhap. Sailung is a well-known trekking destination because of its indigeneous trails, picturesque landscape and tempting views that attract trekkers. The topmost elevation of Sailung is 3146 metres. One thing more striking and remarkable than other trekking experiences associated with Sailung is that it grandly offers you the opportunity of enjoying the rare scenes of nearly ninety percent of the Himalaya Range in Nepal- Dhaulagiri,Annapurna, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Rolwaling Range. Moving round the land of the hundred hills, that is Sailung, is like getting into the realm of beauty itself. The treasury of this trek is so vivid and romantic that Sailung has, for you in store, manifold gifts in different seasons. In winter, it is entirely enveloped in snow, and from mid-winter through spring you will be warmly welcome by red, red rhododrendons, as poetic metaphors of the Scottish poet Robert Burns describing his beloved, ” My love is like a red red rose, Newly sprung in June”. During the rest of the time, Sailung enriches itself with green pastures that enter into your memories for good. The road that you trek along is graveled. So you can choose to travel by motorcycle, especially if it is not snowy.



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