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Zip flying in Nepal is unlike any other zip line in the world. It is the world’s longest, steepest and fastest zip flying which is delivering the greatest experience in adventure to the visitor traveling in Nepal. A zip line pulley hung on a rope 5000 feet above sea level and set on an incline has comprised as a zip flyer in Nepal.The tourists or participants zip down from the hill to the plains, and the most exciting feature of this zip flying is that the wires whiz down at 86.99 miles per hour on a 1.12 mile long cable. Since June 2, 2012, the zip line has been in service. The system by Zip-flyer TM LLC, USA is created with the most sophisticated technology and has provided a state-of-the-art zipline, with safety as the top priority. So get ready for an adrenaline rush like no other!The zip flyer is one of the most dangerous adventure sports that can be found in Nepal.However, the qualified assistants and supervisors will offer you with the best confidence to have the greatest flying experience while enjoying the moments throughout the flight.

There are many places in Nepal that offers thrilling Zipline services. Some of them are:

Sarangkot Pokhara: The Zip-flyer in Sarangkot, Nepal, is the finest zip-lining adventure on the planet! You may taste the most adrenaline-pumping moments of your life in the center of the unique scenery, beneath the “Roof of the Gods”! Zip-lining there entails flying at a height of 5400 meters/17716 feet for a distance of 1800 meters/5905 feet.Nothing is average in Nepal! Sarangkot, between the dreaming Pokhara Lake and the shadow of Annapurna III’s 7555 m/24786 ft, has the world’s largest zip-line facilities. The Sarangkot Zip-line is a one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush, built to the strictest security requirements.The journey is just two minutes long, but those two minutes will be the longest and most thrilling adventure of your life!! The trainers are highly qualified specialists that adhere to tight security protocols.

Dhulikhel: This Zipline is located on the Araniko Highway, on the boundary of Dhulikhel and Panchkhal Municipalities. Dhulikhel, around 32 kilometers from Kathmandu, is about 1.5 hours away by car. It is possible to enjoy it as a one-day trip from Kathmandu. Also, spend some quality time exploring, taking pictures, and wandering around.You can schedule your visits a few days before the date for an incredible zipline experience. Dhulikhel is the excellent location to go zip lining. You must travel to Dhulikhel, which is roughly an hour away from Kathmandu. Transportation services are also available for your convenience, and you can just contact the crew there for more information.

Bhedetar: Zip lining has been in operation at Bhedetar since March 7, 2020. This 650-meter zip line begins at Bhedetar’s welcome gate and drops to Debhithan in Dharan-4. Classic, superman, and tandem are the three options for the amazing 45-seconds adventure. The fees for these three categories range from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2000 for Nepalese. This new adventure in the eastern region of Nepal has added elegance to already popular vacation destinations in the area, and Indian visitors from nearby Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal, as well as domestic visitors, are expected to be attracted to this new experience.

In Nepal, ziplining is an incredible experience. The greatest way to relive your childhood memories of swinging at the park is to take a zipline trip. This thrilling journey will undoubtedly let you forget your worries and escape for a time from your hectic daily routine.This is an exciting activity that allows you to appreciate nature’s beauty without having a negative influence on the environment. A zipline ride does not need physical fitness as long as the rider is within the safety harness’s weight and age limits.Because of the great safety procedures taken by zip lining companies, zip lining has become one of the safest adventurous activities in Nepal. The equipment used in zip lines is developed to international safety requirements. You will not have to worry about safety because the instructors are well-trained. It would be a lot of fun unless if you have motion sickness or acrophobia.Zip-lining in Nepal will be one of the best reason to visit Nepal! Don’t’ miss it!

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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