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Basic Info
City: Makalu Barun
District: Sankhuwasabha
Province: 1
Country: Nepal

Mount Makalu, 8463 metres, the fifth highest mountain in the world and fourth highest in Nepal, lies in the district of Shankhuwasabha, Province 1, Nepal. It was on the 15th of May, 1955 that a French expedition party with Jean Franco as a leader and Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy as the party members embraced the peak of Mount Makalu from the north and the northeast ridge.After this feat , the same route via which the French expedition reached the summit came to be the standard route for the climbers following them. However, the peak was summited from the south-east ridge too. Makalu is one of the most difficult climbs, so just some 300 plus mountaineers have attempted it so far. It is known for its nose-touching steeps and knife-edged ridges. Because of geographical remoteness and adverse climatic conditions all the way through steep ridges you are more likely to catch hazardous mountain sicknesses.

On way to Makalu you can have a pleasant view of fantastic scenery through “Makalu Barun National Park “. This park,as a sanctuary of animals such as wolves, lynx, foxes,red pandas, wild boars,musk deer ;including 25 species of rhododendron, 47 types of orchids and 56 other rare plants; and snow leopards, lies between the Arun river in the east and Sagarmatha National Park in the west. This is the region that offers you an enriched diversity of culture and natural beauty. Rai, Gurung and Sherpa are the inhabitants of this region. Though they are economically poor and naturally devoid of ease, comfort and riches , as the mundane world may judge them to be; the abundance of cultural heritage and humane simplicity they reveal will leave you overjoyed and refreshed from your fatiguing trek.



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