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Charali is a popular place in the Jhapa district. Few meters away from Mahindra highway we can find the temple of Pau Pathibhara in Charali Jhapa. The oldest snake bite treatment started their in an army camp of that place. This temple has open in recent days and still it has manage to get good number of tourist to visit there. This place has the holy foot of goddess. For visiting this temple one has to go deep in the dense forest. A saying is very popular for this place that wishes come true here and a supreme goddess is worshipped here. One can travel to Charali Pau Pathivara by roadways and airways both. From Kathmandu it takes around ten hours to reach Charali Pau Pathivara by a bus.

And if you want to use airways then Bhadrapur airport is the nearby one from Charali Pau Pathivara. It takes around half-hour from roadways to reach Charali from Bhadrapur airport. As Charali is located in low elevation area the climate of the place is like hot and humid in summer and cold and chilled in winter. If you are planning to visit here then you can choose the month when climate is moderate. Else if one can travel throughout the year to this place but as it is a low elevated area so visiting while monsoon season the tourists must take some precaution because flood is common in such elevation.

Charali Pau Pathivara is situated near the biggest city Birtamode of jhapa district due to which there are not much issues regarding accommodation. And in Charali also one can find hotel to stay within budget. So there is no issue for staying there. Many devotees throughout the year visit this place due to which it has become a popular spot for tourists and Hindu devotee. The main reason people visit here is because it is said that the wishes asked here is always fulfilled.

While you go to jhapa you can even visit Satasidham, Kotihome, Kankai River or Mai Khola, Domukha, Dhanuskoti Dham, and many more places. Pau Pathivara means foot of godess as pau means foot and Pathivara means goddess. The head of goddess is said to be in Taplejung. While you visit there be aware of the snakes as you can find good number of snakes there and avoid going in hot summer as the highest temperature can reach up to 43 degrees. Once in life one should visit this place to know the significance if this place.

-Article written by: Sakshi Agrawal for Land Nepal

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