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Basantapur Terhathum

In province 1 of Nepal, on the Himalayas of Therathum district, there is a beautiful place named Basantapur. The surrounding Basantapur has beautiful mountains, greenery, and lakes. Nature-loving people can see hills of colorful Rhododendron and jasmines, beautiful sunrise, and sunset there. Whereas this place is occupied with friendly people and rich Limbu cultured people. Tourists come there while they go for a trek to Teenjure Milke-Jaljale Trail and mount Kanchenjunga. People from Rai, Tamang, Brahmin and Chhettri. Tharu, Newar, and Marwadi communities can be found there. The main occupation of people there is farming. The climate of Basantapur is quite nice as the summers aren’t that hot and winters aren’t that extreme though sometimes the temperature could fall below zero degrees.

Tourists can visit Basantapur in autumn and spring as it’s the best weather to visit there throughout the year. One can access Basantapur by both airways and roadways. One can use roadways from hile or Kathmandu. Regarding airways, one can fly from Kathmandu to Biratnagar airport and then take a bus from there. There are campsites for trekkers and good hotels and restaurant are also there which is available in the budget. There is no such issue for accommodation in Basantapur as it’s not that expensive. Tinjure Dada, Milke Danda, Pattek Danda, Gufa Pokhari, sabha Pokhari, and many more places can be accessed from Basantapur. In Tinjure 34 varieties of rhododendron can be seen and one can even see beautiful views from there. It’s half an hour away from Basantapur bazaar. From Pattek Danda one can see a view of Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga. Gufa pokhari lies on trekking trail to Kanchenjunga.

One of the popular  Rhododendron forests is Milke danda and a good place to see closer views of the Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna mountains. This district is also known as headquarter of rhododendron. And this place is popular for rhododendron juice and local wine made of rhododendron flower. Jackal wine which is known as a medicine for many physical problems like arthritis and joint pain is found here and to have it many tourists visit this place. Basantapur is filled with beautiful scenarios and ample sightseeing places. People from different cities and countries visit Basantapur to enjoy the charismatic natural beauty of this place. Tourists can even access this place with their vehicles easily. As the accommodation is cheap and affordable this makes it a better and a place to visit within a budget. Overall good weather, cheap stay, beautiful view, easy access, and many more positive points have made it a hotspot for tourists.

-Article Written by: Sakshi Agrawal for Land Nepal

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