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Sunkoshi River Rafting

The Sunkoshi river mile, counted by National Geographic as one of the top ten river expeditions in the world, is the longest rafting and kayaking experience in Nepal. The rafting extends to the length of around 270 kilometers, beginning from Dumja and ending at Chatara , Sunsari. drains off the high eastern Himalaya peaks. The river ultimately flows into the Ganges,India,  deeply esteemed and regarded sacred, especially by the Hindus around the world. The term Sun means gold, and its nomenclature as Sunkoshi is derived from its water color that looks like gold. The sunkoshi rafting will take you into the terrific realms of eye-catching waterfalls, flocks of bats into the caves of rocky hills, beautiful temples, sandy beaches where you can set up your tent camps, and local villages.

The rafting is a three-hour drive from Kathmandu. September to November and nay to June are the most optimal   time for your trip. There are travel agencies,  that guide you throughout your trip with services such as certified raft guides with proficient English, French, German, Spanish, Hindi and other languages; ISO/CE certified rafting equipment, lunch, ground transportation, river permit, etc.


Rafting starts:           Dumja

Rafting ends at:        Chatara

Grades:          Class III – IV

Duration:       8 to 10 Days

Distance:       270 kms

Best season: September to November, May to June

Perfect for:     Nature and adventure lovers

Difficulty:       Intermediate to Advanced

Tour starts at:            Kathmandu, 3 hour drive from Kathmandu

-By: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal

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