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Bulbule Lake

Surkhet may not be the most romantic or popular location in Nepal, especially when compared to neighboring Rara and Shey Phoksundo. Surkhet, on the other hand, attracts a large number of tourists all year since it serves as a gateway to several of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. Surkhet is undoubtedly referred to be a tourist destination because it is home to Kakrebihar, Bulbule, Deutibajai, Ghantaghar, and other religious and historic sites. Among them, Bulbule is one of Surkhet’s most important tourist destinations. It is the pride and joy of the Surkhet district. It is 500 meters from the buspark and located in the south of Birendranagar city. The Bulbuletaal in Surkhet is beautiful, with its blue water providing a welcome break from the summer heat. The lake’s premises also include a park and a garden, which attracts film and video producers. The lake has a 30-square-kilometer area, and a boating service was just introduced in the lake, adding another feather to its already renowned hat.

Apart from the natural beauty of the Bulbule region, the Bulbule garden has inspired numerous poets and musicians to write and sing about it. Bulbule is a source of pride for Surkhet, since it features in one of the most popular folk songs, “Surkheta bulbul taalma ya mai saano hunaale chhutyo maya jaal.” This lovely lake includes a recreation park and is located south of Surkhet bazaar. After the water bubbles rise up to form a large pond, the name of this lovely lake is kept Bulbule. Beauty of the bulbuletal has drawn people from surrounding towns and nations.The pond region, which has natural and beautiful features, covers the ground with a recreational picnic site and serves as a significant water supply for the valley. Bulbule refers to the way water bubbles rise to make a large pond. Because this is a reliable source of fresh water, a pipe system has been built to deliver drinking water to the community of Latikoili, which is located to the south of the lake. With a variety of flowers and plants, the park gives the city a more natural atmosphere. Within the park area, activities like as boating, fishing, swimming, and traditional rites are arranged. Come and remain engrossed in the scene’s beauty here in Bulbule Taal.

The lake comes alive with something more than its aquatic magnificence at this time of year. Nepalis may recollect seeing the name in their secondary school General Knowledge books.Furthermore, the Surkhet Valley City Development Committee has developed a Bulbule Area Development Master Plan, and residents of Surkhet are optimistic about the taal’s prospects. People would queue for hours simply to acquire a ticket to visit Bulbule in a few years, and the responsible authorities are aiming to expand the size of the lake and its compound in the near future. There will be not just a few, but seven rafts skimming over the windy lake after the space has been doubled. The majestic Bulbule Taal offers a lovely atmosphere in which we can experience nature with many bright flowers, plants, and greenery, and where people come for picnics, dating, and study. Variety of types of entertaining and fun activities can all be done there. It has its own charm, beauty, elegance, tranquility, and entire entertainment package that is absolutely wonderful, and you will feel lost in Bulbule’s magnificence. Nearby attractions from Bulbule are Siddha Paila and Lande, both of which are extremely wonderful and have heart-wrenching situations.

-By: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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