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Baba Siddhanath Temple 

The ancient temple of Siddhanath is located south of a place called Tudi Khel in Bhimdatta Municipality Ward No. 9 of Kanchanpur District. The ancient temple of Siddhanath Baba at Brahmadev Kanchanpur was established by taking stone from this place to elsewhere. The ancient Siddhanath deities, established at Tudikhel, were constructed before the reign of King Brahmadev of the Katyuri dynasty. Purnagiri and Kalika Devi (Kalpaththe) are also established with Baijnath temple. There is Purnagiri Mata temple on the west of Mahakali river and Trishuli cave on the east of Mahakali river.

Baba Siddhanath Temple is not only a popular religious place for Nepalese, but many Indians also visit this temple with great beliefs and dedication. Pilgrims from India visit this temple by following the route of Tanakpur in Uttarakhand. Siddhanath Temple is separated by Sharada River (Mahakali River) between Nepal and India. Also, the story of Siddhanath Baba and Purnagiri Goddess has attached the proper bonding between Nepalese and Indian pilgrims.

Historical Significance

According to the legend, an ascetic named Siddhanath lived in the Trishuli cave. He was a great devotee of Goddess Purnagiri. One day, he wished to see and perform puja to Goddess Purna Giri. When Siddhanath, in his old age, went to visit Purnagiri from Trishuli Cave, he could not walk. He was devastated as his only wish was to pay homage to her. So, he requested to take himself to Purnagiri Temple to one of the men walking on the road. A man who was walking from the Doti area to sell ghee agreed to take him to the temple. So, the man started crossing the Mahakali river by carrying Siddhanath Baba in his head.

Because of the great dedication of Siddhanath Baba, Purnagiri Goddess was impressed. So, at the same time, Purnagiri Mata, by being Akashvani, said, “Baijnath Baba, don’t be sad. The devotee who will visit me will also visit you.” From that day onwards, the trip to Purnagiri Mata is considered incomplete without visiting Siddhanath Baba Temple.

After this incident, Siddhanath Baba temple was at first established at a distance of about 300 meters to the south of the place called 52 Dhoka of the historical Brahmadev Mandir built by King Brahmadev. However, this place is situated on a cliffside at a hill in a very remote area. Because of this reason, later, this temple was again re-established in the market area of ​​Bhimdatta Municipality of present Kanchanpur district.

Religious Significance

It is said that if anyone visits the Siddhanath Temple with great dedication, then all of their wishes will get fulfilled. Similarly, all the sins will get washed away by taking the cultural trip of Purnagiri and Siddhanath at once. Pilgrims visiting Siddhanath Baba Temple tie the yellow strips while making prayers. People also throng into the original Siddhanth Temple located at a distant place called Khalla. By following the tough route, they get to a remote hill and worship the Siddhanath deity. A part of this Siddhanath is also worshiped with the deity Kartikeya (Mohanyal) of the throne in the name of Siddha (Siddhanath).

The Siddhanath of Mahendranagar Bazaar, which was established by bringing stones from a prominent place, has become more popular, discussed, and important. The new Siddhanath of Mahendranagar Bazaar, which was established by bringing stones from the ancient Siddhanath situated on the east bank of the Mahakali River, four and a half kilometres north of the present Brahmadev Mandi, is also popular due to its good roads, transportation, and market facilities. If this reality is known here and if the access to this place of ancient Siddhanath can be facilitated, it will definitely be important touristy area in Nepal.

-By: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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