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Mahendra cave

If you have some free time in Pokhara and are interested in caverns and old artifacts, you should definitely pay a visit to Mahendra cave. Thousands of tourists visit the cave each month to marvel at its splendor. With a length of around 200 meters, Mahendra cave is the most frequented tourist attraction in Pokhara Kaski, the second biggest tourist city in Nepal. It’s in Batulechaur, about 10 minutes’ drive from Pokhara’s main city. Devi’s fall is only a 5-8 minute walk away, while the bat cave is only a 5-minute walk away from the Mahendra Cave. The cave is filled of limestone that continues to collapse to the surface with the help of water, making the Mahendra cave a lovely spot to visit and see the natural structure and old natural wonders.

The previous king of Nepal Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah was memorialized with the name Mahendra cave. Pokhara’s caretaker discovered the cave in 1950. The cave’s grandeur is captivating, and visitors might spend 30 to 40 minutes admiring the cave’s remarkable natural beauty. Mahendra cave is a must-see attraction for everyone visiting Pokhara. Because of the falling limestone with water, most people consider caves to be a great and very attractive location. The cave’s sole drawback is that it remains busy at all times.

The rock kinds and various stones that glitter when a beam of light is touched in Mahendra cave are abundant. This natural formation is meant to be observed rather than damaged by sharp digging tools. This cave also has large boulders of granite and tunnels that go to other locations, such as the Kali Khola (River), however many of the tunnels are currently covered by massive boulders of rock. The cave is also home to a huge population of wild bats, which may be observed in the cave’s gloomy ceilings. Inside the cave is a statue of Lord Shiva, the Hindu God. The Mahendra Cave is one of Pokhara’s most popular tourist attractions.

How to get to the Mahendra Cave: You can travel to the Mahendra cave by taking a thirty-minute public transportation ride from Pokhara’s main city, or you can walk there if you prefer. The cave is around an hour and a half away from the Prithvi Narayan bus stop. If you have adequate time and have seen all other locations in Pokhara, and you are not a lone traveler, I recommend walking there on your own, taking in the sights of Pokhara’s city, nature, and tourist-infested surroundings.

Cost of entering Mahendra Cave: The entrance fee to the cave varies depending on your country. However, as comparison to other tourist sites in Pokhara, it will be inexpensive. The cave may be entered for as little as NPR 100 (about one dollar). This is the maximum cost of accessing the cave; however, you may not be required to pay this amount.

Best time to visit Mahendra Cave: It is preferable to avoid entering this cave during the rainy season, however it is best to visit the Mahendra cave in October.

The best I could offer you, and the finest thing you can do at Mahendra cave, is explore the cave and marvel at the grandeur of the limestone fall. It would be great experience taking in the scenery on the way to the cave and exploring the cave’s route on foot with friends or family (I recommend this if you’re on vacation with your buddies) may be a unique and delightful experience. You can also see Bat Cave and Devi’s Fall, which are both close to the cave. Because the cave is quite busy due to the large number of tourists that visit, if you enjoy photography, you may be able to catch some of the moments with your camera. Because most of the secret facts of Mahendra Cave have yet to be verified, researchers can learn more about it. Some of the facts are based only on old beliefs held by people who are not scientific on a current basis.

Pokhara, a beautiful city in Nepal is a popular tourist destination and it is even considered as the Switzerland of Nepal. Tourists may participate in activities like as paragliding, bungee jumping, Seti river rafting, zip lining, mountain biking, ballooning, and the most fun, heartbreaking, and longest Annapurna Circuit Trek. There is far more to do in Pokhara, and these are the most popular activities among tourists.

-By: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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