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Kachankawal Jhapa

Kachankawal is a well-known rural municipality among seven rural municipalities and eight urban municipalities in Jhapa District. The name of this municipality is given after the lowest point of Nepal, Kachankawal, which is situated at just 49 meters above sea level. Kachankawal municipality is located on southeastern part of Nepal and can be easily reached by driving along the Mechi Highway. It is about 42km from Birtamode city and about 32 km form Bhadrapur Airport. This rural municipality was formed after the merge of small VDCs like Baniyani, Gherabari, Pathariya, Kechana and Balubadi and this rural municipality has a total of 7 local wards. Kachankawal rural municipality was formed after merging other VDCs in 10th March, 2017.

This place is a well-known site among the locals due to the presence of the area with lowest elevation & the level of elevation in this rural municipality ranges from 49 to 103 meters above the sea level. The total area of this rural municipality is 109.45 square kilometers with a total population of 42,912 according to latest census data. This municipality has a population density of 360 people per square kilometer with a total of 9001 households. This rural municipality is bordered by India in the East, Bahradashi on the west, Hardibari and Bhadrapur on the north and again India towards the south side. The major occupation of the people here is agriculture and the people are widely dependent on it. However, local and internal tourism has been contributing a lot to the development of the rural municipality during recent days. The major agriculture products of this region are rice, maize, wheat, barley and its major cash crops being fish farming, arecanut farming, ginger, etc. Livestocks such as cow, goat, buffaloes are reared here along with the cultivation of fruits like mangoes, coconut, litchi, etc. This rural municipality is one of the major source field for mango and litchi and other products harvested in this area is mostly taken to the nearby markets in relatively big cities.

Following the results of the local level elections held in Nepal on June 28, 2017, Mr. Anjar Alam of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) was elected as the chairperson (wada-adkashya) of the rural municipality, and Mrs. Nimsari Rajbanshi of the same party was elected as the Vice-chairperson. According to the representatives, continuous efforts and dedication is being given in order to fasten the progress and development of the rural municipality. There are more than 20 schools and educational institution in this rural municipality as well as a health center, five health posts, two community health centers and three birthing centers with an aim to provide excellent health and education services to the residents.

The major religion of this rural municipality is Hinduism and main communities in this area include Rajbanshi, Brahman, Chettri, gangai, etc. In the neighborhood of this rural municipality, some popular spots are located such as Kechana simsaar, Kechana jhil, etc. and people visit Kachankawal while travelling to these sites. Visitors from all over the country come here just to reach and witness this place with lowest altitude in the country having highest elevation in the world. According to the local authorities, much more attempts are being made in order to establish this rural municipality as a major tourism and recreational hub of the region and to attract global visitors.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal

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