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Satakshidham Jhapa

Satakshi Dham which is also popularly known as second Janakpur is located in Shivasatakshi Municipality which lies at about 38km northwest from Bhadrapur Airport in Chandragadi, Jhapa. This place can also be directly reached by traveling towards northeast starting from Damak passing through the route of beautiful Jhiljhile village which is at a distance of 2km. Satakshidham is located at an altitude of 300m and covers an area of 77km. This holy site is home to various garden and caves and ponds & other structures such as Pandav Bagaicha, Pandav Yagyakunda, Draupadi Talau, and Parbati Gufa. Some of the major temples in this region include Digambeshwar Mahadev, Hanuman Mandir & Gayatri Mandir. This place attracts tourists and devotes mainly during Tuesday and Saturday.

According to the myths, it is believed that during Mahabharat at Dwapar Yuga, Panch Pandav resided their weapons at this place and went on to hide at King Birat’s Darbar during their exile period. Yudhistir, one of the brothers worshipped and prayed to the Satakshidevi at the Sahasra waterfall and was blessed with the presence of the Goddess as a result of which this place is known as Satakshi Dham. This religious site attracts huge number of visitors during the festival of Bala Chaturdashi in Mangshir when the pilgrims express their love and concern and pray for the well being of their ancestors. During this period, three days long fair(mela) is organized here and a single day fair is organized during the period of Maghe Sankranti.

People visit this site during bala Chaturdashi to spray or disperse Sadhbiu as a homage to their family members & relatives who have died the preceding year. Along with its great religious significance, this place also attracts nature lovers and visitors as many rare medicinal plants and animals can also be found here. Significant religious background, habitat to many rare birds and plants, unique statues and sculpture, ponds and waterfall are some of the major attractions of this pilgrimage.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal

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