Salpa Pokhari

Salpa pokhari

Salpa pokhari is a lake at Dovane in Bhojpur, province 1,   Nepal. its fame as a place of religious, and touristic importance, and natural beauty is spreading day by day. people with religious faith this lake and pray to gods, expecting to be washed of their sins and. They devote offerings for better future life.

There is a  Silichung mountain standing with the top elevation of 4100 metres. From the top of Silichung, you can enjoy the views of the Himalaya ranges. It is a unique place for witch doctors from different places to practice and perform their black arts so as to enrich themselves with their influences.

If you wish to visit Salpa Pokhari, you need to take a seven-day period off your routine life for departing from  and arriving to Bhojpur. Ahead from Bhojpur, you will have to walk past places named Maiyang Dada, Satdobato, Laure, and Hadipokhari, then you reach Salpa Pokhari. One interesting tradition of Laure is that travelers drop sticks there. Hence the name Laure, meaning one with a stick. They say Laure used to be a dwelling place for five devis, that is goddesses, and so visitors pray to the devis with deep respect and awe, hoping that their trip to and from Salpa Pokhari will remain safe and secure throughout. This lake area avails hebal plants like Sunpate, Bhairungpate, Pakhanbet and Bikhma.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal