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Rajarani Valley Dhankuta

Rajarani valley is the centre of Chaubise Rural Municipality of Dhankuta district, Province no.1, Nepal. It is situated 36 km northeast of Dharan city.  It is a place of historical significance and is believed that it was the capital of the Limbu kingdom in past.

This place in the past had two lakes namely Raja lake and Rani lake. But the Raja lake dried off and turned into a plain valley today it is called as Rajarani valley and Rani lake is still over there which is the main source for attraction of tourist. The Rani lake is half the size of the Phewa lake but it is very clean.There is a boating facility on the lake.

The local people of this place are the Limbu peoples especially the Chemjong. We can explore the Limbu culture over there.

This valley is the center of Chaubise Gaupalika. The valley is very rich in medicinal herbs and also timber trees like oak trees. Many tourists visit here for picnic purposes, adventures, and some students visit the place for research purposes.

This valley also has a park, Nagbelipark, with natural importance. There are many beautiful statues of stone inside the park which were carved by a Stone Sculpture,ShyamGautam, these statues include the Matsya Avatar, Kurma Avatar, NaagDewata, and Shivalinga.There is also a mesmerizing waterfall, Kali waterfall in this park. Wildlife like deer, gunnie pigs also protected here. There is also a cave, Gupteswor cave inside the park.

We must pay and take to enter the park where there is a beautiful waterfall, stone carving. Sometimes we can also see a rare bird, Kadevyakur, which is only found in Nepal, inside the park.

The views from the valley are also amazing. The mesmerizing view of Makalu Himal can also be seen from this valley. The beautiful view of dense forest is also seen from there.

Chandi Dance is performed by local villagers during ChandiMela. This mela takes place every year on Baisakh Purnima. It lasts for a week and also a big football tournament is organized here. At this festival, people perform their cultural dance wearing cultural dresses and celebrate the cultural program.

People from different places come here for refreshment and to explore nature. There are small view towers from where the valley is seen. People also do some adventurous work like cycling and canoeing.The valley is surrounded by green hills from all its sides.

There is also a higher secondary school where local children study. There is also a college with many technical subjects to study.

There are also some temples where we can visit. The weather of this place is also very amazing, it’s neither too hot and nor too cold. The view seen from the place is also mind-blowing and very attractive.

Every week, on Wednesday Hatiya Bazaar, is organized there where local people can sell the locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables and different products.

Many tourists are attracted to this place due to the beautiful scenery, perfect climate, lakes, waterfalls, and the adventurous experience like boating and canoeing. This is wonderful destination to spend your holiday with friends and family memebers.

-Article written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

Rajarani park dhankuta

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