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Pakhribas Dhankuta

In the list of beautiful places in Eastern Nepal, there’s a well known name known as ‘Pakhribas’. Pakhribas municipality is one of the Municipalities that lies in Dhankuta district of province no. 1 in Eastern Nepal. The municipality is located in hilly region with approximately 200m above from Mahabharat parbat, which has an altitude of 1852 meters. It has an area of The place has cool weather almost throughout the year and cold in winter of course.

Pakhribas is an urban municipality which was announced as Pakhribas municipality on Feb 27, 2013 in accordance with the Federal Governance order, and was divided into 10 wards including sabik Pakhribas, Sanne, Falate, Ghorlikharka and Muga. Before 2014 it was Pakhribas VDC, with total population of 22078 according to census of 2011 AD.


It is said that there used to be a big tree named ‘Pakhri’ in the area of central bazaar back then. And the porters, farmers or travelers used to stay under the tree as a Lodge, or say they made it their ‘baas’, hence with that the name ‘Pakhribas’ came into existence.


It is 12.7 km distant from Hile and takes approx 30 min to reach from Hile. Whereas, it is 1 hour 4 min of travel distance from Dhankuta to Pakhribas covering 29.6 km of distance.

Available facilities:

Since it is now regarded as an urban municipality, almost every kind of facilities are available here. In context of health, there’s good hospital, in context of transport, there are better roads and roads are being constructed in every villages. In context of education there are well facilitated private and public schools. Jalapa Devi H.S. School provides higher education in Science, Humanities and Arts faculty. There are temples, churches and monasteries for religious purposes.


The most important thing which cannot be escaped is the Agriculture Research Station of Pakhribas, which is one of the Multidimensional, Multisubject, Multicrop research centre established in 1972 A.D. (2028 B.S.) by the aid of British government. It was named as Pakhribas Agriculture Centre during its establishment. The centre spreads in a wide area of 1840 Ropani (92 ha). The centre was handed to Nepal government in 1998 A.D. (2055 B.S.) and now works under Nepal Agriculture Research Council (NARC). It has an objective of developing agriculture and agriculture related techniques, increase economic level of farmers, train farmers and agricultural technician, production, sales & distribution of different crops, vegetables & fruits and their saplings as well as seeds.

It has made a wide progress in the field of education by establishing a “College of Natural Resource Management” (CNRM) under Agriculture & Forestry University. The college was approved by the special senate meeting of AFU held in 18th April, 2017. The CNRM is established with mission to advance knowledge, promote teaching & research and help the society discover innovative solutions to overcome its most pressing problems.

There are absolutely beautiful tea gardens for scenery views, ponds, Adventurous trekking areas at a little farther distance from central bazaar. Falaate view tower and the beauty of green hills as well as Himalayas can be experienced from every hill top nearby.

How to reach?

There are buses available from Biratnagar, Dharan and Dhankuta to reach Pakhribas. One can easily reach Pakhribas enjoying the beauty and coolness of high hills like Bhedetar and Hile.


There are hotels and lodges providing the comfort accommodations, with warm beddings, tasty local cuisines and beautiful views from rooms itself.

In a lifetime, for the versatile experience and to enjoy the cool beauty, Pakhribas can be an amazing destination.

-Article written by: Anu Wasti for Land Nepal

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