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Dandabazar Dhankuta

Dada Bazar is a beautiful and magical village and a previous village development committee in the Dhankuta District in eastern Nepal’s Kosi Zone. In Dada bazar of Dhankuta, there were 2476 people living in 508 households at the time of the 1991 census. Now Dandabazar is part of Sagurigadhi Rural Municipality.

Dhojedanda of Dadabazar, which is a magnificent hill located at the top of Danda Bazaar in Dhankuta District, is the second highest renowned hill after Antu Danda in Illam District, and it is a great place to see the view of the sunrise and sunset. Dhojedanda is 29 kilometers distant from Dharan, and we can go to Danda bazaar from Dharan by bus, vehicle, or even on foot. Bhedetaar is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the road to Dhojedanda. This location is 13 kilometers from Dharan, and there are several travel options to get here from Dharan.

The region around Dadabazaar, as well as the entire area, is cool all year, and as a result, many national and international travelers rush to this location to escape the heat of summer. There is a famous place and a hilltop named Bhedetar  which is closer to the dadabazaar, and it is also known as charles point. It was given this name after British Prince Charles made a trip to the location in the year 2040 BC. The beautiful Dadabazar village is surrounded by many other villages. Dhojedada, Lapchetar, Rajarani, Lumphajung, Okhre, Sellung, and BeganaGau are some of Dadabazar’s neighboring villages. Many musical works have been devoted to this lovely Dandabazaar, the most famous of which is a folk song written by Ganesh Neupane and sung by Rajesh PayalRai and Juna Prasai dedicating the song to this area.

One of the unique features of the Dadabazar area and the surrounding hills that is in this area is that we can see both the sunset and the sunrise from this viewpoint. The clearest and the best view one can get from here is of lovely hills that appear to be in a horizontal plane. Not only that, but from this viewpoint, we can see the panorama of 16 Terai and Hilly Region districts.Mount Sagarmatha 8848 meters, Mount Makalu 8463 meters, Mount Lhotse 8516 meters, Mount Kanchanjunga 8586 meters, Mount Kumbhakarna 7710 meters, and Mount Chamlang 7319 meters are all visible from this vantage point. After that, we may go another twenty minutes from Danda Bazaar to Lapchetaar, a lovely and charming village.The people living in this area for over a long period of time say that Lapche people originally lived here, but were forced to leave due to a natural calamity. Then additional people from various castes arrived and settled here.Furthermore, there is a tale that the entire region that extended from Dandabazaar to Hattisar was a plain terrain, but only Lepchetar survived in the end because of the frequent landslides that occured in the area. We can also see a massive banyan tree here, although no one knows exactly when or how it was formed. It is estimated that this tree is approximately 350 years old and is definitely one of the largest in Asia.

To get to Dandabazaar, drive 15 kilometers east of Bhedetar through Namje, KanyaPokhari,Kuibhir, Okhre, Oadare, and Lumphajung. We will next hike for an hour upward from Danda market to the top of Dhojedanda. The elevation of this hill is 2250 meters above sea level.

So why to be late? Take the advantage of living in the Eastern Region of Nepal and enjoy the holiday trip of the beautiful places like Dadabazar which has got natural beauty, magical climate and aesthetic value. Let’s go to Dadabazar and take pleasure in the majestic view of beautiful villages, mountain peaks, sunset and sunrise over there.

nrise from this very point. A view of beautiful hills which look like it is forming a straight line is the best view one can get from here. Not only this, we can also view the landscape of 16 different districts of Terai and Hilly Region from this point. Even the famous mountain peaks like mount Sagarmatha 8848m, Mount Makalu 8463m, Mount Lhotse 8516m., Mount Kanchanjunga 8586m, Mount Kumbhakarna 7710m, Mount Chamlang 7319m which is located at an altitude of 8000 meters is visible from this very point.

Then traveling for another twenty minutes from Danda Bazaar, we can reach Lapchetaar, a beautiful and scenic village. Legends say that this place was inhabitant by Lapche people anciently but they were displaced by a natural disaster. Then other inhabitants of different castes came and resided here. However, there is also a saying that the whole area that spreader from Dandabazaar to Hattisar was a plain area and due to continuous landslides only Lepchetar remained in the end. We can also see a huge banyan tree here but there is no exact assumption as to when and how this tree grew but it is speculated that this tree is around 350 years old and probably one of the biggest tree in Asia Region.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal


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