Bishnupaduka is a popular tourist and religious destination in Province 1 and is located in Maanedada, Dharan Sub-metropolitan City Ward 20.The natural beauty and rich culture of the Tamang community can be enjoyed here. However, Bishnupaduka is one of the holiest sites for Hindus. This place is located at the northwest part of Dharan, where the holy river Kohaka originated. Local people found a rock with two distinct footprints, which is thought to be Lord Vishnu’s footprints.As a result, the people built a small temple and named it Bishnupaduka (Footprint of Lord Bishnu).

This religious site is mentioned in the 108th chapter of the Holy book Brahma Purana. It is stated unequivocally that Lord Vishnu and Laxmi observed Shraddha (holy rituals commemorating the departed ancestors) of Arsha and other Divine Ancestors.Every year, a large number of Hindus from the surrounding area gather here for the Shraddha of their ancestors, especially during the month of Poush.The main pilgrimage sites for performing shraddha are Kathmandu’s Gokarna, Rasuwa’s Betrawati, and Dharan’s Bishnupaduka.Spritures have accepted this shrine to be older and holier than Gaya of India.

We need to drive 13 kilometers north-west from Dharan on a rough road to get to Bishnupaduka. People also tend to hike from Dharan to reach here and is developing as a hiking spot as well.There are nine local houses that offer homestay with a capacity of 35 people at a time. The homestay is run by Kokaha Krishi Samudayak Homestay and is staffed entirely by local women.Guests can enjoy local organic food at a reasonable price, according to Laxmi Tamang, secretary of Kokaha Krishi Samudayak Homestay. Dhindo and chicken curry cost Rs 250. Then, for a night’s stay, it costs Rs 200 per bed and Rs 150 for simple and plain food.The Tamang community makes up the majority of residents in Maanedada Gaun. As a result, guests can closely observe their culture and way of life while staying in the homestay. As soon as the guests arrive, they are entertained by cultural song and dance performances.The temples of Bishnupaduka, Chinde Dada, Gorkha Smriti Park and many more are interesting spots to travel around.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal

Bishnupaduka Tamang culture