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Basic Info
City: Shambhunath
District: Saptari
Province: 2
Country: Nepal

Shambhunath Temple is a famous Shiva Mandir of Eastern Nepal situated in Shambhunath Municipality of Saptari district in Province 2 of Nepal.It is about 12 Km north-west from district headquarter Rajbiraj and less than a kilometre south from east-west highway. A one month long religious Fate “Dharmik Mela” is organised here on the occasion of Nepali New Year.
The temple holds great historical, cultural and religious significance in locale and neighbors area. The Shivalinga was founded in Chandrabhoga Gadhi and have been kept in same place. The present structure of the temple was reconstructed in 1996. The six-foot-long Shivalinga was believed to be growing earlier, but currently it has stopped growing. In the western side of the temple complex ruins are placed which indicates that the settlement of Shivalinga is very old.

Unlike other Shiva temples, locals sacrifice goats and pigeons here once their vows are fulfilled. People also offer brinjals to Shambhunath to get rid of warts.
Thousands of devotee come to worship Shivalinga here from different parts of Nepal and India every year. Nearby hotel facility available in Rajbiraj and Lahan.



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