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Shambhunath Temple

Built in Shambhunath municipality , Saptari, Madhesh Province, Nepal, Shambhunath temple is regarded as one of the abbot of Lord Shiva, esteemed and prayed by Hindus , Buddhists and Kirants as the God of supreme power.  It is easily accessible from Rajbiraj, a trade centre and headquarters in Saptari, from where it is around twelve kilometers  bus ride. This temple is markedly known for a month long religious fate, called Mela, on the occasion of Nepali New Year, that is Bikram Sambat, every year. This fate holds tremendous importance historically, religiously and culturally.

It is believed that the Shivalinga, genital organ of Lord Shiva, was founded at Chandrabhoga Gadi, a fort, in the close vicinity of  Shambhunath temple long before in the ancient time. They say that the Shivalinga continued to grow till it was six feet long and then stopped. The restructuring of the temple took place in 1996. You can the remnants of the temple in the west side of the temple, evidence that history of the temple traces back long into the past. One thing unique about this temple is that  devotees  pay their homage there  and offer  balis, that is sacrifices of animals, only after their wishes, hankerings and cherished desires are materialized. Brinjals are offered to the Lord Shiva with hopes that warts  appeared on their body will vanish away.

For those who wish to visit Shambhunath temple and cannot go back to their places the same day find hotels at Rajbiraj, Lahan,or  Itahari that offer fine accommodation.

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal

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