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Yashok Panchthar

Yasok is located in Panchthar district in Mechi zone of Nepal. It is beautifully situated in eastern hilly region of Nepal. It is the headquarters of Kunnayak rural Municipality. The total population of this village is about 4424 living in 947 individual households according to the latest(2011) census of Nepal. This place has lots of history of Kirant religion. Till now we can find lots of gufa(cave) of Kiranti King from where they ruled the kingdom.

Culture and Religion

 Yasok, Panchthar is rich in Kiranti culture. 90 percent of the population living in this village belongs to indigenous Limbu. The rest of the population are Bramhin, Cheetri, Tamang, Rai and so on. Most of the people living in this village follow the Kirat religion. Sakela(the greatest festival of the Kirat religion) is celebrated with a great fair each year. In this festival, Kiranti people worship mother nature and their ancestors.


Yasok is located in the rural part of Nepal. People living in this village are deprived of various kinds of facilities like access to roads, drinking water, hospital, quality education, and many more. The main occupation of people living in this area is agriculture. Most households are based on seasonal agriculture. However, with the help of local government cash crops are also flourishing in the village. The village is being developed in comparison to the past and the living standard of the people is also increasing.

Place to visit in Yasok, Panchthar

 Kummayak and Kusayak Temple

 Kummayak and Kusayak temples are the Kirati temples located in Yasok, Panchthar. Kummayaki temple is located in the east hill of Yasok, whereas Kusayak temple is located in the west hill of Yasok. Both temples have lots of religious values of Kirant people. Every 3 years a great fair is organized in these temples where a number of pilgrims from different parts of Nepal and Indian join to experience the unique kiranti fair. Sakela dance and song sung by the indigenous Limbu is the main attraction of this fair.

Rani Gufa

Rani Gufa is located on one of the hills of Yasok, Panchthar. It is believed that one of the Kiranti kings namely Chektenhang and his wife Chektenhangma used to live in this gufa(cave). The guff is located in the greenery hill which has lots of potential to attract the tourists. The small adventurous hike leads you to the hill where you can observe the Rani Gufa. On the same hill where the Rani Gufa is located, you can also observe the big Sattale Gufa(Seven Flour Cave) which is just amusing.

Way to reach Yasok, Panchthar

There are 2 different ways to reach Yasok, Panchthar. They are:

Kathmandu-Jhapa-Ilam-Yasok: Those people who want to experience the majestic view of the tea garden located in the hill of Ilam(3636m) and the beautiful Sriantu Dada, they can take this way.

Kathmandu-Dharan-Bhedetar-Yasok: Those who want to experience the majestic view of Himalayas including Mt Kanchenjunga(8586m), Mt Kumbhakarna(7710m), Mt Everest(8848.86m) and so on from the viewpoint of Bhedetar(1420m), they can take this way.

-Article written by: Anita Khatri for Land Nepal

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