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Sadhutar is popular with it’s serene blue pond surrended by bare hills and become a hotspot for local people to enjoy the reflection of mount Kanchanjungha and Kumvakarna Himalayan ranges in Phidim 8 panchathar, Nepal near Ranitar. Tourist especially youngsters these days have started travelling Sadhutar to spend there holidays and unwind. It is very peaceful and cool place. Huge number of media started advertising the beauty of Sadhutar in these earlier days. It has played great role in promotion of tourism in this place.

Sadhutar is one of the best destination for spending holidays and natural photography. In many music vedios and movies Sadhutar is captured and Hass been popular among their audience. On the top of smooth hill, we can feel that we are near to touch sky because of near of cloud. Many visitors visit this place to enjoy snowfall exploring their soul and mood. It has been witnessing an influx of domestic tourists of late from Phidim and other local areas. It’s main attraction is the pond and beautiful view of Kanchanjungha and Kumvakarna Himalayan ranges. The pine trees compose beautiful music with the fresh breeze. Capturing photos of the beautiful senere and having snacks under the warm sun by the side of pond in Sadhutar offers different kind of pleasure to human soul. We can observe spectacular and vast expense of different cool Misty hill.

Sadhutar lies near Pauwa Bhanjyang along the Mechi highway. The improved road condition has also contributed to it’s increased popularity. The local people say though the pond had been there for many years, it started being popular after department of water supply deposited in the pond. The chairperson of Sadhutar named Sher Bahadur Nembang said that the area was getting promoted through the photos uploaded on social media platforms by the visitors. Focusing the Nepal tourism year 2020 a mountain helicopter 9N- ALD safely descended some travellers from Fidim to Sadhutar in December 21, 2019 for the first time. For enjoying in peaceful nature and cool weather you must visit Sadhutar once in your life. Many visitors claimed that Sadhutar is very pleasant and enjoyable place. And I assure that you will also love this place.

-Article written by: Mandira Thulung for Land Nepal

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