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Sansarimaisthan Rangeli, Morang

Sansarimaisthan is an ancient and old temple in Rangeli municipality, located south of “Hulaki Rajmarga” on the riverbank of the “Chisang river.” This temple is about 20 km from Biratnagar is considered as one of the most important sculpture of Morang district. Rangeli municipality is also the previous headquarter of Morang district and one of the central cities of Morang. This temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage in the region and is also developing as a center of tourism due to its peaceful ambience. This is temple is believed to be decades older and one of the oldest temples in Morang district. The worship and devotion to the Goddess has been since a long generational time and thus is accepted as a part of culture & tradition among the local people.  There exists a popular belief among the locals that this place is a true source of divinity and the Mai (Goddess) is said to fulfill the desires and wishes of all the pilgrims who come to worship her with true sense of compassion and devotion. A special fair (mela) is conducted in this temple every year and offerings and sacrifices are made to please the Devi. This temple is assumed to be visited by thousands of devotees everyday from Nepal as well as India as Indian border in quite near and easily accessible.

The Sansarimaisthan temple is located at the base of a huge and bushy tree called locally as “Kabhro.” The beautiful lawns and peepal trees offer a peaceful and blissful feelings as one is connected to the divinity itself. The pilgrims offer male goats (locally known as Boka), ducks and roosters as a ceremonial sacrifice to please the Goddess so that she grants the needs, wishes and desires of all the believers. This temple is also a popular site for conducting various ceremonies such as bratabandha, and the newly married couples also have a ritual of visiting and taking the blessings of the Goddess for their happy marriage. In addition to this, this sacred temple is also flocked by devotees to perform Bhakal (a tradition of asking for a wish and later visiting the temple after the prayer is accepted). This religious temple is also one of the most popular shrines for carrying out bali during the festival of Dashain. The main reason of the popularity of this temple is its historic and mystical importance as well as the peaceful environment offered by the vicinity of this temple.

-Article written by: Ujjwal Bhetwal for Land Nepal

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