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Sandakpur Ilam

Sandakpur is a landmark and historical place, the most attractive heighest point of the Singalia Ridge in Darjeeling district on the west Bengal – Nepal boarder. It is 3665 meters (11930 ft) which is known as the heighest peak in the state of west Bengal, India, located at the edge of Singalila National park (India side). The amaizing view if four of five highest peaks in the world, Mount Everest, Kanchanjungha, Lhotse and Makalu can be seen from it’s summit. It also affords a pristine view of the entire Kanchanjungha Range. Interesting significance of this place is we can see 3 different countries at the same time. Including India and Bhutan with Nepal. Sandakpur trail is very popular in Indian side more than Nepal. Later it has been able to attract Neplease and other foreigners as well. Important spots in Sandakpur Trail:

  • Chitra Gumba: Sandakpur has been attracting number of pilligrims and adventorous people with it’s scenery and different relligious places. Chitra Gumba is one of them. It is very peaceful place. Cool weather and the Buddhist prayer flags are so wonderful. So, don’t miss this place while visiting Sandakpur.
  • 2) Tumling: Tumling is a small Hamlet in Jogmai VDC, Ilam district of Nepal. It is in 2970 meters heigh altitude from sea level. It is roughly 10.5 km uphill from the town of Mane Bhanjyang and is a common spot for the trekkers going up to Sandakpur. The main attraction of Tumling is view of sunrise. The best time for best view is 5:30 – 6:00 am.
  • 3) Kali Pokhari: After 1 hour ride from Tumling you can reach one of the unique and mysterious place.It is foot shaped and is very wonderful. It’s significance is it is prevented to be dirty because of birds throwing the leaves those fall down in the pond. So this is the mysterious feature of Kali Pokhari. It is in than altitude of 1764 meters from sea level. From this place Darjeeling is 52 km far, Maney Bhanjyang 25 km and Batasey is 1 km.

The trekking starts from Ilam Bazar via Maipokhari, Maimajuwa, Mabu, Kali Pokhari, Birkhe Bhanjyang to Sandakpur. And also from Illam Bazar via Sulubung, Jamuna, Hangetham (special for birds like spiny babbler, blue tit etc.), Piple, Kali Pokhari, Birkhe Vanjyang to Sandakpur. In this trekking route, Jamuna is most valuable for trekkers. There are many beautiful places like Dhap Pokhari, Choyatar ( special for red panda). There are three  community jungle named Hile samudayik ban, Choyatar and Hangetham Samudayik ban. Thus, Sandakpur is full of plenty historical and adventorous places. It is extremely pleasant place entertaining the visitors with 20 spices (colored) rodhodendron, national flower of Nepal which bloom during March, April and May. It is in the heigh altitude and very cold place. So you need to take wind proof and woolen clothes, gloves and caps. One who loves Snow playing can enjoy during snowfall here very well.Visiting Sandakpur is really feels like travelling in heaven. The lush of plants including varieties of flora and fauna amaizes every one. Life begins at the end of your comfort Zone. So, Sandakpur is that place where you can be able to gain super power for making your life happier and enjoyable.

Article written by: Mandira Thulung for Land Nepal

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