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Jorpokhari Panchthar

Jorpokhari is also known as twin pond is located in the Panchthar district, Mechi zone, Province no.1 eastern Nepal. It is at a distance of one and a half hours from Phidim. It is at an elevation of 1816 m above sea level.  It is a populated locality.

These are twin ponds named Singh and Sida which are at a stretch of 1 km so having two ponds so close the pond is named Jorpokhari. This Pokhari being a religious and historical place it has its own religious, cultural, and historical significance. This pokhari is 150 yrs old Pokhari.


This place has a very favorable climate for outdoor recreation and visit. The breezy atmosphere over there provides a cool sensation in summers.

How to go Jorpokhari?

We can go to Jorpokhari by road from Jhapa, Britamod, Mechi highway. The road condition is good to go and not bumpy. We can go there by private car, bikes, jeep, and public buses.

Local inhabitants:

The local people residing there are Rai, Limbu, Newars, Brahmin, and Chhetri.

Things to explore:

This place is so adorable full of greenery; green flora, some trees, and a mesmerizing view of the Jorpokhari. There is another small pond near the Jorpokhari.

It is the gateway to enter the route of the Pathivara Temple. There is one temple near that Pokhari. The people worship with Sadbeu (mixture of cereals like maize, lentil, wheat, barley, flowers) on the occasion of Balachaturdashi as people believe that the soul of the dead family member rests in peace.

There are many religious places like Kirateshwor temple, Sidheswori temple, Falgunanda temple around the Jorpokhari area. There is also one Pathsala, Gurulkul Sikshya where people can learn the Sanskrit language. There is also Balashram.

Near this Pokhari there is the Tamor River. Some of the people living over there are interested to carve Doko for a bamboo shoot. The place is also rich in medicinal herbs.

We can see amazing red fishes inside the Jorpokhari. Those peoples who visit the place feeds some rice puffs to the fishes.

Local people believe that if they worship the Pokhari they will remain healthy and no disease can affect them. People over there perform a small ritual, Hawan on the Pokhari area once a year for their health and the place’s wellness.

This place has a convenient hospitality facility as it is situated next to the Mechi highway. Many devotees come there as it is a religious place.

There is also a Buddhist Gumba in that place and also a Hiliyag Durbar which is a very good place to explore around and is also important from the historical point of view.

Threat to Jorpokhari:

This place is at a great threat as the water level of the Pokhari id decreasing day by day. Local peoples have claimed that the water of the pond has been decreasing because of land encroachment, construction of the road, unmanaged floodwater during the rainy seasons.

Local peoples and concerned authorities have been conscious of the protection of the Pokhari and increase the tourism of that area.

As this Pokhari is one of the major sources of attraction of tourists it must be protected and conserved. This place is important historically, culturally and has an amazing environment for recreational purposes.

-Article written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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