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6 No. Budhabare

Among all the beautiful places of Nepal, 6 No. Budhabare, of Dhankuta district is the most beautiful neighborhood in the eastern mountains of the center of Nepal.

It is one of the small village with  immense natural beauty. It is situated between 26°53′ north and 27°19′ east and 87°8′ to 88°33′ east covering area of Total area of the district is 888.7 square kilometres (343.1 sq mi). Reason behind its name is that it used to be  6 number adda(the administration and control office) during Rana Period and there used to be a small hat bajar every wednesday(buddha bar in nepali) so it was named as 6No.Budhabare. 6 No. budhabare is becoming popular as a tourist area in the eastern part of Nepal.

Every year, thousands of internal and external tourists from different countries such as India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Manmar, come here to visit this beautiful, naturally decorated spot. People from different part of like dharan, biratnagar, ithari  visit Hile just to have fun and have its popular dish”thuppa”. Thuppa is popular from youth to eldery people as well, people enjoy its cold weather along with hot thuppa and pakhanbed flavoured home made wine.

Many people from terai visit namaste water fall also known as “namaste jharna” with family and friends  during summer ,they go and have lots of fun and take bath in jharna,they dive play and enjoy every drop of water falling from a huge height.

6 No budhabare is a small village where day-to-day transportation  systems are being gradually developed, many vehicles like of busses, small vehicles like jeeps, maruti can be run on their lane. People also use private bikes for transport.

As  it falls in under develop area, you can find  only some hotels and restaurants with some lovely scenery outside the hotel. Nowadays, you can also find a homestay facility that’s going to be cheap and serve you like your own home.

People travel here to enjoy the natural beauty of this small valley and enjoy the cool weather.Many of them come with their family and friends to enjoy their vaccations.

6No.budhabare has a number of schools and plus two they have been appealing  indian and Nepal government to run bachelor courses in their village development community.

Once in a lifetime, you have to visit this place and enjoy every moment of your life, and gather a precious and unforgettable memory with your family and friends.

-Article written by: Sanjeeta Dulal for Land Nepal

6 No. Budhabare


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