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Kanyam Tea State

Kanyam is a beautiful eastern Nepalese slope station. It is well-known for its tea, with a variety of fine and luxurious tea bushes growing on the Ilam Mountains. Apart from the breathtaking views of the tea plantations, Kanyam, Ilam offers a diverse range of attractions.Kanyam is also known as the most popular picnic destination in Eastern Nepal. Because of its magnificent and out-of-this-world natural beauties, it is regarded as the “Queen of Eastern Nepal.” Thousands of people visit each year to enjoy the cool environment and lush greenery.The main attractions of this location are the heavenly tea gardens, pine trees, hypnotic natural beauty, horseback riding, friendly inhabitants, and rich cultural and traditional legacy.This region’s major speciality is tea. Different varieties of tea can be found here, allowing you to enjoy the authentic flavor of variety types of teas. Kanyam tea state is a wonderful place to visit if you enjoy tea. It is also a popular honeymoon resort, and it is one of the top places to chill in the weekend for couples.

Kanyam Tea State is located on the Mechi highway, in route to Ilam bazaar, and covers around 240 hectors of land. It is situated at a height of 6000 feet above sea level. KanyamIlam is a Mountainous tea pocket zone that exports to other countries. In the summer, people from India would travel here to escape the heat. Kanyam is around 16 kilometers from Pashupatinagar, India’s border town, and 30 kilometers from Birtamode, Jhapa.A significant tea estate has aided to the Kanyam’s prosperity.The tea garden is popular among tourists for sightseeing, excursions, camera view, photography, and filming. Kanyam is Ilam’s most popular excursion and tourism destination.This location is also significant from a religious perspective. The Devi temples are renowned, and many visitors come only for the purpose of pilgrimage.

Every year, a large number of family and friends as well as casual vacationers used to visit this location for a vacation. They like seeing the tea garden as well as the wonderful slopes in the Kanyam area.During the festival season, especially around October and November, Ilam is a popular destination for student vacations for Nepalese institutes. For people going from a hot area, foggy weather enhances their journey experience. Almost everyone who visits Darjeeling pays a visit to KanyamIlam. Remember to bring a camera with you on your trip to Kanyam to capture your vacation memories.Kanyam is now one of Nepal’s most developed areas. Its ILAM TEA is well-known and exported throughout Europe. Tea, cardamom, milk, ginger, potato, orlon, and broom production on a huge scale are the district’s primary sources of income.Churpi and AakabareKhursani are also popular in Kanyam, and can be purchased throughout the trip. In addition, an attraction such as tea processing plants can be found here, and also serves as a gateway for visitors to the Pathibhara temple, Taplejung.

The morning sunrises in the Kanyam is everything and you will be glad that you visited such a wonderful place after experiencing the breathtaking sunrise there. The taste of the Kanyam tea is such that you cannot find anywhere else. Furthermore, Kanyam is a tea estate in Ilam that has been recognized both nationally and internationally for over 140 years. Such beautiful and natural places should be promoted worldwide. So why we don’t visit such places in Nepal instead to searching places to visit abroad? Our country is full of god gifted places like Kanyamwhich needs to be shown to the whole world and for that we Nepalese should first give priority and promote heavenly places of our motherland.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal


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