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Sankranti Bazar

Sankranti Bazaar is a beautiful village in the Eastern Himalayas of Tehrathum district in Province 1, Nepal. It is the headquarter of a rural municipality (gaupalika) called Aathrai. Sankranti Bazaar is a small but beautiful tourist destination.  When the federal divisions took place in the country, separate village development committees like Hawaku, Iwa, Chhate Dhunga, Chuhandada, Thoklung, Sankranti Bazaar and Khamlalung merged to form Aathrai with Sankranti bazaar as its headquarter. Aathrai has an area of 167.07 sq. km.

Great mart (Bazaar) is held on the very first day of the month, which is called Sankranti according to Nepali Calendar. Hence, it got its name as Sankranti bazaar. Also, small haat bazaar is held every Saturday here.


The village lies at a high altitude of about 2150 meters. It has an elevation from 1442m to 2150m. It lies in the co-ordinate of 27.21 degree North Latitude and 87.64 degree East Longitude.


The small spot has great historical importance. Many leaders and top bureaucrats are the passed out students of Trimohan Secondary School of Sankranti bazaar.

Once it was a flourishing market where the people from Tehrathum, Panchthar and Taplejung gathered for business and   shopping purpose. But they slowly moved off because of factors like road construction bypassing through their spaces, Maoists’ activities and some people resettled somewhere else in search of modern facilities and other options. However, the roads have made transportation easy now.


The village has got cool and excellent weather. Cold breeze keeps blowing throughout the year. Tamor River lies in left and right side of Sankranti bazaar and the soothing air and sound is lovely. Tamor River separates Tehrathum and Panchthar districts.  Flowers like Rhododendron bloom in every Autumn.  Spectacular views of The Himalayas like Mt. Kanchanjunga, Mt. Kumbhakarna and Mt. Makalu can be observed. Great fate takes place at the time of every Nepali New Year and is called as Madan-Mela. Football tournament is also held during this period. Large number of people from Tehrathum and other neighbouring districts visit the Mela. People living here have simple living standards.

How to Reach:

As roads have been constructed, it has been easy to reach. We can reach here via Mechi highway upto Phidim Jorsal and via Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga after it. It takes 2 hours of drive from Phidim. Another road is also available from district headquarter Myanglung, but the road is rough.


Small hotels and lodges as well as home stays provide lodging and fooding. Even though not very standard services, but they serve in a better way whatever they have.

It can be a great destination for travelling high altitude areas, feeling cool weather and to escape from scorching heat of terai.

-Article written by: Anu Wasti for Land Nepal


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