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Chainpur Sankhuwasabha

In the Koshi zone, there is a district name Sankhuwasabha where Chainpur municipality is located exactly. If you travel 139 km north to Dharan you will find this place. It stands at a 1200 meter of alleviation from sea level. Five village district committees were merged to form this municipality. As it is located in alleviation the climate of the place is very moderate so one can travel there throughout the year. The transportation facility is also very good due to which one can travel without facing many issues. While traveling if it’s monsoon then the tourists must take some precautions so that they don’t face many issues. We can travel there using air and road transport. For roadways, we have Hile Khadbari Road and Basantapur to Chainpur to Khadbari Road. For airways, we have Tumlintar airport. Flights to Tumlingtar are available from Kathmandu and Biratnagar.

While you are there you can go to see Gufa Pokhari and Sabha river. Sabha river is one the best example of natural beauty and one can even do trekking there. It’s even said that once 33000 saints gathered there to know how can human maintain peace. There are many ponds in this municipality like Panch Pokhari, Sabha Pokhari, Banduke Pokhari, Rota Pokhari, Gosa Pokhari, and others. Chainpur is also popular for the Siddhakali temple. Many people visit Chainpur to visit the temple. Places that can be worth exploring are Tumlingtar, Khandbari, Madibirta, Barabise, Hedangna, and others. You can Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian there. It has been a marketplace for the eastern region for many years. This place is famous for “Karuwa”. It is an auspicious water mug found there which is crafted very artistically.

Chainpur has 65% cultivating the land. Cardamom and rudraksha are their major production whereas they even cultivate paddy, maize, Kodo(millet), wheat, sugarcane, almond, coffee, tea, ginger, chilly, and many more things. Chainpur is very rich in ecological diversity as well as in historical natural beauty. People who are looking for natural beauty, fun, and natural aroma should visit and the one who prefers to keep knowledge of history and ancient time and are also into craftwork should visit Chainpur once. You can see traditional livestock farming there. In this district, you can go to different places such as Manakamna temple, Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Area, Madibirta, Humung, and many more. Chainpur has a good range of tourism in Nepal. It has diversity in flora and fauna and that’s the major attraction for the tourist. Chainpur could be the best destination to visit in Nepal due to its ecological condition and a good source of transportation. In my point of view, you must visit this place as it has such a beautiful and mesmerizing view which makes the journey of your life more beautiful by its aura. Chainpur is also famous for making Khukuri.

-Article written by: Sakshi Agrawal for Land Nepal

Chainpur Siddhakali Temple

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