Shadananda Municipality

One of the cities in the koshi zone and Bhojpur district is Dingla. It is the centre of Shadananand Municipality. The very first school of Nepal was established in this region. Shadananda was the name of the school. Aster that dingla is popular for Dingla bazaar. Bojhpur is also called as birthplace of education in Nepal. There is a very deep reason behind this. Before while the Rana regime was there the children of the normal citizen weren’t allowed to go to school and only royal kids could go to school. At that time guru, Shadananda built a school to study for general public. The students from not only Nepal but also from India used to come to study. The classroom was built and different subjects were taught. Guru used to teach here himself. And many pilgrims come here to visit that place. Parvatikunda is still alive in dingla.

You can even see Kailashdanda if you go ahead of the dingla bazaar. Through Dingla bazaar, you can even access Majhuwabeshi. Majhuwabeshi is the place where first the voice was raised against Sati Pratha (a tradition where a wife is burned alive if her husband passes away) and the voice was raised against the untouchability and slaver during the rana regime. Yogmaya was the one who raises their voice who was jailed by Rana’s as they heard the protest and laters one Yog Maya took samadhi in Arun River with other 68 followers which is the biggest Samadhi in the world and memory of yogmaya Kotiham was made.

Tamang, Shrestha, rai, brahmin, Kshatriya, Magar, Gurung, limbu , and many others live here. This place is also suitable for farming so many people do farming for survival and the rest do business in Dingla bazaar. Paddy, wheat, maize, vegetables, fruits, etc are mainly grown in Dingla. Dingla is not so developed so it has issues for transportation and communication gaps are also there. Regarding electricity, there’s not an issue in Dingla. There are good facilities for hotels in Dingla. More than 15 hotels are there in Dingla which very tasty and cheap food as millet is used in it that makes the food much tastier. There are different temples such as the Sitaram temple and Kailash Mahadev temple. Dingla is a very peaceful place you want to find many crimes happening there. The quality of lodging facilities can’t match the quality level of standard hotels. If you visit Dingla for a long-term stay then make sure that you have some alternatives to stay. Dingla is again a beautiful place to explore the history of ancient times and the place is very peaceful and holy too. Dingla is very famous for the large scale production of Rudraksha from long term ago.

-Article written by: Sakshi Agrawal for Land Nepal

Balaguru shadananda