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Jephale Tower

Jephale Tower is a wonderful hill station located in Morang district of Nepal. It is one of the viewpoints to observe the beauty of eastern Nepal. This tower is situated on the border of Dhankuta and Morang(Chaubise Rural Municipality of Dhankuta and Kerabari Rural Municipality of Morang). It lies at an altitude of 1970m above sea level. It is one of the beautiful view towers located in the northern hills of Morang. It is located 36-kilometer far from Bhedetar(a beautiful hill station of Dhankuta district of east Nepal).

What Jephale Tower is Famous For?


Jephale Tower is the viewpoint from where we can enjoy the mesmerizing view of world highest peak Mt Everest(8848.86), world third highest peak Kanchenjunga(8586m), world fifth highest peak Makalu(8485m), and Mt Kumbhakarna(7710m). This is one of the best places to view the majestic view of a smiling mountain decorated with snow.

Beside the majestic view of the mountain, 16 eastern districts of Nepal and some parts of India including Darjeeling, Sikkim and Siliguru can also be viewed from this beautiful hill station of eastern Nepal.

Sunrise and Sunset Views

Jephale Tower is also famous for viewing the eye catching movement of sunrise as well as sunset. Furthermore, the plain field of Terai region of Nepal along with Himalayas adds extra beauty during the time of both sunrise and sunset.

For viewing the spectacular sunrise and sunset from Jephale you must get the ticket. The ticket price for the domestic tourists is NPR 30 and foreigners have to pay NPR200 which is worth it.


 Jephale is also the perfect place to experience the lifestyle of eastern Nepal. Total 8 homestays are already registered from Jephale to serve the national and international visitor on the local way. Homestay charges only NPR 1050 for each guest which allows you to experience the culture of eastern Nepal. Various kinds of cultural programmes including local indigenous cultural dance organized in the homestay is the one of the attractions of Jephale homestay.


 Way to Jephale is surrounded by beautiful hills. Hiking in the forest with a group of people observing the forest flora and fauna is the most interesting thing to do in Jephale. Hikes can be started very early in the morning or can be started in the evening too. As the place is famous for both sunset and sunrise, early hikes lead you to view Sunrise and evening leads you to view the sunsets. The way to Jephale is surrounded by jungle which gives you the feeling of Jungle hunting too.

Vibes of Mini Kanyam

 Kanyam is famous for its tea garden located in Ilam. Every year lots of national and international visitors visit Kanyam to observe the beauty of the tea garden. Two decades ago, Jephale village also started growing tea(Black Tea and Green Tea). Now the village is considered as mini Kanyam. Therefore, to get the vibes of Kanyam you can visit Jephale.

Small Pathibhara Temple

 Pathibhara temple is located at an altitude of 3794m above sea level. It is a religious place for people following Hindu religion. Because of the high altitude lots of pilgrims could not reach there. Therefore, to attract religious tourists, a trident, bell, and mud are collected from Pathibhara Temple and a small Pathibhara Temple is built in Jephale which is the source of attraction for religious Tourists.

-Article Written by: Anita Khatri for Land Nepal

The Jefale Dada

Jephale Tower

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