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Sindhuli Gadhi

SindhuliGadhi is located in Sindhuli district, Janakpur Zone, Bagmati Province, Nepal. It is situated 20 km above the Sindhuli bazaar which is also the capital of the Sindhuli district. This Gadhi(Fort) is one of the historical places in Nepal.

It is the fort from where the Gorkhali army defeated the British troop which was led by Captain Kinloch. This place is one of the major sources of attraction for tourists.


This Gadhi is very important in the history of Nepal. The war between the Gorkhali army and British troops started in November 1767. The Gorkharli armies were led by KhajanchiBirBhadraUpadhyay and SardarBanshuGurung under the supervision of king Prithivi Narayan Shah and the British troop led by Captain George Kinloch.

There were almost 2400 soldiers who had equipped weapons like guns on the British troop who were badly defeated by the intelligence, cleverness, and mastermind of Gorkhali armies without any advanced weapons. Almost 1600 British soldiers were dead and 800 fled leaving all their weapons which were then seized by Gorkhali soldiers.

Gorkhali soldiers conducted a guerilla attack over them, they used weapons like Khukhuri, and they used the bee and wasps hive very cleverly to defeat them finally Gorkhali soldiers won the war and got the victory on 24th of Kartik 1824.

How to go SindhuliGadi?

This Gadhi is at a distance of 135km from Kathmandu. We can go by the roadway through B.P. highway on private vehicles like jeep, bolero, bikes or public vehicles like buses. The highway is constructed very beautifully on the hills. The road condition is very good and amazing to travel.

Things to explore:

There is a big gate at the entrance of SindhuliGadhi. There are two Gadhis one small Gadhi and another one is big Gadhi. There are lots of photos of soldiers in between the way.

There is only a stone-made wall on the small Gadhi and also a pole having the national flag of Nepal. Inside the big Gadhi, there is a beautiful park. There are also remainings of the fort which can be explored. There is also a well made by cutting stone. There is a different kind of big stone where soldiers hide and attack their enemy.

From the fort, a mesmerizing view of the snowcapped mountains can be seen. The hills carpeted with green forest provide a different refreshment and peace.

While traveling Gadhi from the Bazaar, in between there is a Bhadrakali temple which was established by King Prithivi Narayan Shah praying to win the war against the British troops. The temple is at a height and very beautifully constructed and protected. There is different kind of peace inside the territory of the temple.

This place is also very famous for a fruit called Junar. Peoples of that place sells the fruit and generate their income.

Historical commemoration:

Nepal army celebrates the Sindhuli War Memorial day to celebrate the victory by hoisting the Nepali flag with salutes.

Tourists from different countries as well as from different parts of the country visit this historical fort and explore the history of SindhuliGadhi.

-Article Written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal


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