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Basantapur, Kathmandu

Basantapur is the heart of Kathmandu. It is culturally and historically significant to the people of Nepal. Basantapur, which is popular with tourists due to its diverse culture and arts, serves as a center. This open space known as Basantapur serves as an outdoor flea market among other things. It is located close to Freak Street and the Durbar Square Complex. It also acts as a meeting spot for festivals and big groups. The first stop for travelers on their journey across Nepal is Basantapur. The architecture of the monuments is not only capable of attracting tourists’ attention. They can, nevertheless, create a mystery atmosphere in which tourists appear to be dazzled.

With the sellers all lined up on one side towards the exit from Durbar Plaza, the site offers an open and friendly ambience, with hawkers anxiously expecting tourists and visitors alike flowing out of the square after seeing the famed Kathmandu POI. However, the souvenir sellers are not at all pushy and even let you browse their merchandise without accosting you. Aside from shopping point, Basantapur is also noted for its sensual patterns carved into the wooden designs of many Sattal and temples. There is also a tale behind the carving of these sensual motifs.

Things to do in Basantapur
·   Visit Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square, also known as Basantapur Durbar and Hanuman Dhoka, is an ancient durbar square in the city center of Kathmandu. With its elaborate wood carvings and extensive history, Kathmandu Duabar Sqaure, located in the center of historic Kathmandu, never fails to dazzle first-time tourists. Since there are around 50 temples in the area, it is also known as “the Museum of Temples.” Some temples and statues you can explore inside this square are Taleju temple, Kumari temple, Jagannath temple, Kal Bhairab, Swet Bhairav, and so on

·  Leisurely Exploration

Basantapur is an alley-filled city. It’s almost like a maze that you’ll have to work your way out of. You may spend the day wandering around and exploring new passageways while you’re there. Hopefully you’ll find your way out and gain a lot of knowledge about this stunning city in the process.

·  Please your Taste Buds

Basantapur has a plethora of eateries. When it comes to cuisine and dining options, this city will not let you down, from cafés to continental restaurants. One of the greatest locations to have coffee is Himalayan Java, where you may go on a date or hang out with friends. Durbar Square Café and Jessy Penny are two other options. If you wish to experience Newari food, go to Bhoe Chhen Newari Restaurant and Bar. Basantapur has a large and accessible market for street food.

·  Embrace a tattoo

If you like tattoos, you should check out the tattoo parlors in the region. Tik’e Jhya, one of the city’s most well-known tattoo shops, is located in Basantapur. Other tattoo studios that have received a lot of public attention include Freak Street Tattoo Swastik Tattoo Studios, Kathmandu Tattoo Inn, and so on.

·  Enjoy shopping

Basantapur has a plethora of street vendors. Because Basantapur is rich in cultural history, you may purchase souvenirs and handicrafts that showcase Nepal’s cultural richness. Additionally, you may shop for accessories, thangka paintings, and pashminas.

·   Participate in Workshop

Have you enjoyed eating Nepali food and want to learn how to prepare it? Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the intricate Buddhist thangka works of art and want to create your own? Social Tours’ Cook Like a Local is highly recommended for anybody interested in gaining an experimental cooking background. You’ll be escorted to a market to obtain fresh ingredients and familiarize yourself with the tastes

Backstreet Academy also provides a wide range of experience trips, all guided by a knowledgeable neighborhood. Their Thangka Painting Workshop is one of the most popular, and you’ll leave with a one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home!

-by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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