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Nuwakot Durbar

The Nuwakot Durbar is not too far from the Kathmandu valley.This historic palace, built during the reign of Prithvi Narayan Shah in the 18th century, can be visited in one or two days from your Nepal trip itinerary. This palace, located in the mid-hills of central Nepal, is a significant monument in Nepal’s history. At 900 meters above sea level, this ancient structure stands proud. Visitors can still wander about and take photos despite the interiors being damaged by the latest earthquake on April 25, 2015. It’s a seven-story palace that can be accessed after an hour uphill trek from Trishuli Bazar, a small village.

The ancient palace of Nuwakot is located 76 kilometers west of Kathmandu in the Kathmandu Valley. Nuwakot used to be the western major entrance into the valley before Nepal was united. It was the primary commercial route between Tibet and the rest of the world. It is situated above the Trishuli and Tandi rivers in the country’s central area.Nuwakot was once the capital of the valley before the unification of the nation by King Prithvi Narayan Shah.

History of Nuwakot Durbar: The Malla King constructed Nuwakot Durbar in the 18th century. However, after capturing the Nuwakot district from the Malla monarchs, King Prithvi Narayan Shah erected the current seven-story Nuwakot palace and surrounding structures.He employed Lalitpur laborers to expand the structures, which are now considered the best architectural model in Nepal’s history. In order to promote commerce with India and Tibet, the buildings were enlarged. The palace’s architecture is separated between the main palace, the Bhairab temple, and minor temples and shrines, all of which are built in the Malla style.The seven-story palace and the Bhairab temple are the most notable elements of this castle. Stone carvings, Taleju goddess, and Taleju Bhawani are some of the other monuments in the area. The ”RANGAMAHAL,” a west-facing palace constructed of greasy bricks built for the three Malla rulers of Kathmandu valley as a leisure place, can be found here.

SindureJatra, Narayan Jatra, GaiJatra, ShipaiJatra, Devi Jatra, Lakhe dance, Fulpati, and Krishna Janmashtami are some of the traditional events that are still held here. This monument was nominated to UNESCO for nomination as a World Heritage Site in 2008. The Taleju and AkashBhairav temples are located near the palace’s northern gate. For ritual animal sacrifices, the former opens twice a year. IndraChowk, a peaceful courtyard surrounded by historic buildings from which a stone-paved path lined with small stores goes back to the palace, a stone copy of AkashBhairav is connected to the outside of the divine temple.

Hotels and Accomodations near Nuwakot Durbar: Although there are other homestays in the region, The Famous Farm is the only hotel. It’s a nearly 100-year-old mud home with a few city luxuries. This “eco-luxury hotel” has been described as having a beautiful view of the rolling hills and the royal palace from its wooden balconies, as well as a hot shower and fusion food.

How to get there: Nuwakot is a three-hour drive from Kathmandu, which is served by Dragon Air and Nepal Airlines. Buses go from Kathmandu to Bidur, from where it’s a two-hour trek to Nuwakot Durbar. There is also the option of hiring a private vehicle.

Nuwakot Durbar is Nepal’s historical palace, where we can see the country’s best architecture and handicrafts. The old arts and civilizations of Malla kings can be observed, and we can appreciate the arts and architecture.It’s an “off-the-beaten-path” location, so plan on hiring a car or taking a long bus ride to get there. Nuwakot will not disappoint historians, those seekingan”undiscovered” area of Nepal, or those seeking adventure.Nepal is well-known for its ethnic variety. Nuwakot is a mini-Nepal within Nepal, with cultural variety on line with the rest of the nation.

-Article written by: Saru Niraula for Land Nepal

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