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Kichakavadh is one of the tourist destinations and a historical place situated in the Jhapa district. It is located in Bhadrapur municipality, ward no.2, Province no.1. 2000 years old palace was found in that place. This place stretches over 10 bigha land of Bhadrapur Municipality.

Clay bricks with the adorable swastika sign can be still found at that place. Uddhab Acharya, the former senior archaeologist mentioned that rare and antique materials were discovered in that place.


According to the old priest of the temple, Keshab Parsad Dhungana who is 64 years old, the name of the place and temple was kept after the name of the negative attitude character, Kichhak who always showed the negative attitude towards Draupadi, the Pandava queen in Mahabharat. Later he was killed at that place by Bhimsen.

The five Pandav left their palace and have to live without telling their originality (Guptabas) so they started living in the palace of king Birat by doing different work as servants. This palace is the same one where they were staying.

How can we go to Kichakavadh?

There are 2 ways to reach Kichakavadh from Kathmandu one is a roadway and another way is an airway. We can travel from the public buses that go to Jhapa or from private vehicles like jeep, cars. We can also directly go through the airway as we can fly to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu and visit the historical place.

Things to explore:

There is a big gate, KichakavadPrabeshDwar at the entry point. Kichakavadh is 1 km away from that entry gate. There is a Mandir that temple was built by King Mahendra which is also written on the wall of that temple.

This mandir is an ancient Temple of Nepal that is very famous in the eastern region of Nepal. Every year Mela is organized in the temple in 2nd of Falgun.

There are two big statues on Kichakavadh. Those statues depict Bhimsen slaying Kichaak. Dil bahadur Thebe, the chairman of the Kichhak Vadh Religious and Historical Spot Conservation Committee said that the old statue started collapsing so a new statue was constructed in the same place.

The local people of the Rajbanshi community organize special puja in the old pond of Kichakavadh. Every year the local people celebrate Maghe Sukla Purnima with full joy.

It is also believed that there are still remainings of the palace inside the land. In ancient times, there were horses so now we can see the horse stable and the pots where horses were given food in the past.

A beautiful park is also constructed over there. Inside the park, there are lots of plants, statues of giraffe, and playing instruments for children are kept over there. This is a great initiative to attract tourists. The park is very refreshing as there are places to sit, games to play and a big park to enjoy and refreshment purpose.

As there are lots of things to explore inside the Khichakavadh this is one of the amazingvisitable places of Nepal which has a lot of hidden history.

-Article Written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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