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Basic Info
City: Biratnagar
District: Morang
Province: 1
Country: Nepal

The ruins  of King Birat’s Palace is located on Biaratnagar-18, Eastern Nepal. The location is called Bediyari as in Mahabharat period Pandavas stayed secret settlement here for a year and Prince Duryodhan tried to know about them. The nearest place in india known as Jogbani now used to called yogban at a time as Arjun did Sadhana to attempt divyastra here. The state of king Birat is believed to be spread from Dharan Bijayapur on the north to Ganges river to the  south. Baba Harisaran  Sigh found a large tooth on Bhediayari which is believed to be the tooth of  Kichaka, army chief and brother in law of king Birat.

Ancient materials found on excavation of King Birat’s Palace area

When first excavation of the place was done in 2027 BS, a 50 roomed ancient building was found as remain underground. On Biratnagar-Rangeli road 100 kg weighing Padlock was found which was taken by Keshar Samser the son of Chandrasamser. The spice grinder made of stone, ancient coins made of copper, silver and mud and different utencils made of metals and mud has been found there. When the dating of the materials was done by archeological department of Nepal, it was declared that the materials were about 3,100 years old.

The palace is spread to about 2.5 sq km area. By Nepal Government Rs. 35 lakhs is donated to preserve and promote this area by which the information centre, Compound wall on palace premice, a guard room, a pond are built and materials are preserved there. One can visit amazing ancient materials like bricks, different statues, utencils, household materials, etcs. President of the preservation committee is Kamalkishore Yadav.



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