Diktel Bazar

Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi

Khotang, also known as “The Land of Hidden Paradise”, is one of the 14 districts in Province No. 1, Nepal. And ‘Diktel’ is the administrative headquarter of the district. Diktel has an area of 246.51 square kilometer (95.18 square miles). Diktel was declared as a municipality in May 2014. The municipality was initially formed by merging some existing VDCs which are Bamrang, Laphyang and Kahalle. However, by merging some more VDCs, it was renamed as Rupakot Majhuwagadhi on 10 March 2017. But, ‘Diktel’ has always been the commonly used and favourite name for its beloved people. So again by 2020, the official name of the municipality was renamed to ‘Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi’ by adding ‘Diktel’ to previously registered name. The municipality is divided into 15 wards. The municipality is working smoothly for the welfare of people with certain motto and it also has set its slogan as “Socialism-Oriented, Civilized and Prosperous City: The Interest of Diktel’s Residence”.


Having Sunkoshi & Dudhkoshi River in the north, west and south and a series of hills along with small rivers make its natural borders separating it from Bhojpur district in west. It has minimum elevation of 700m to maximum of 2250m from sea level. It is oriented in the coordinates of 27° 12’ N Latitude and 86° 47’ E Longitude. It is located 25km. south from the Lamidanda Airport in Khotang, situated at an elevation of 4100ft above the sea level. The airport is oldest among the three airports of Khotang district.


Diktel is one of the municipalities situated in rural area and still has high possibility in tourism. Rupakot Danda in Diktel is a cultural and touristy destination with amazing views and greenery. Majhuwagadhi is one of the historical places with capability of attracting tourist. It reflects the history of the place.  Kalika Bhagawati Temple is another visiting religious site. Another attracting place is Mude Danda from where we can enjoy view of beautiful mountain peaks and greeneries. Another exciting place for tourism with religious importance is Supsudham in Nirmalidanda of Diktel. Buddheswar Mahadev Gufa has its own specialties. And there is also a newly made exciting place called Aankha Pokhari in Mahure. Apart from these, Bhulbhule Dudhkunda, Bhulbhule Jharana and Bhulbhule Gufa are extremely beautiful destinations for tourists.

People with different caste and cultures live together with harmony in this place so as other places of Nepal. Khotang is considered as home to indigenous ethnic Kirat Rai people. However, many different caste and cultured people like Brahmin, Chhetri, Magar, Tamang, Bantawa, Newar and Dumi live together with cooperation sharing the common land.

How to Reach:

We can reach to Diktel via roadways and airways. If we choose to go via roadways then it would be quite a long route. It takes about 7-8 hrs to reach Diktel from Kathmandu by bus covering the distance of about 260km. This roadway passes via Khurkot-Ghurmi, Madhya Pahadi Highway. It takes about 9-10 hrs from Dhankuta covering 350 km of distance via East-West highway. If we choose airways then we will land at Lamidanda. Lamidanda Airport lies 25 km north from Diktel. Lamidanda is also the gateway to Halesi, one of the most religious places of Nepal, located in Khotang. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Lamidanda Airport from Kathmandu by plane. Tara and Nepal Airlines take their flight to Lamidanda.


There are plenty of hotels & lodges for fooding and lodging. Resorts are also available for more comfort in stay.

-Article written by: Anu Wasti for Land Nepal

Bhulbhule dudh kunda in dDiktel 6.

vulvule dudhkunda khotang

Bhulbhule Jharana(Waterfall) and Bhulbhule Gufa(Cave)

Bhulbhule Jarana