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Lying at an elevation of 1420 meters from the sea level, Bhedetar  is one of the frequently visited hilly and beautiful places in the eastern part of Nepal.  Bhedetar stands between Dharan, a city in Sunsari district, and Dhankuta, a city and the headquarters of eastern development region during    pre-provincial  period of Nepal.  The fame of Bhedetar has regularly been on its hike for more than two decades  because of the attraction of both Indian and domestic tourists.

What is more tempting than anything else is the unpredictable weather of Bhedetar.  People from the hot plains of eastern Nepal  and that of the district of purnia , Bihar in India,  visit this place mostly in the summer season to escape the heat of the scorching sun in cool and foggy weather  here. Most remarkable  among the amenities available here are  the hotels that offer you both local and common dishes, adventures of paragliding down to the city of Dharan, and horse riding or walking round  the vicinity. provided that the weather is clear, you can enjoy the view of the glorious mountains  viz: the Mount Everest, Makalu, Kumbhakarna, Gourishankar, etc.


  • Bhedetar is a developing tourist spot. It is a small hill station just 18 kilometers uphill from Dharan Sub-metropolis. It is famous for its unpredictable weather – a moment it hides itself in the blanket of thick fog and another moment it reveals itself as the crown of urban Dharan.
  • Nepal Television has a High Power Transmitter Station at Bhedetar which broadcasts different Channels of Nepal Television. Transmissions are not only received by the Bhedetar but also neighbouring places.
  • Pathibhara temple is situated about 3 km west from bhedetar
  • Namaste Jharana(Waterfall) is situated about 8km north from Bhedetar chokNamaste waterfall
  • The paragliding point is situated about 2km south west from Bhedetar
  • Sangurigadhi killa(Fort) is situated about 2.5 km west from Bhedtar chok
  • Situated at altitude of 1770 meters above the sea level, Namje village is just 2.5 kilometer away from Bhedetar Bazaar. This Magar-majority ethnic village has unique Magar culture, language, ethnic attires and their vey famous typical dance called ‘Hurra’.

Namje is best place to peep northern Himalayasn peaks including Mt. Everest, Mt. Kumbhakarna, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Kanchanjunga and few other peaks. Not only Himalayan peaks, this place are best point to glance southern plains of Nepal and its southern borders with India.

Hilltops of this village are dotted with various transmission towers of Nepal’s best FM radios, televisions and mobile service providers.

This place also contains a place called Aatma Ghar, designed by American architect Travice Price. Price collected stones from 231 graves of this place and assembled at a place and made a collective grave. This is described as a 17th wonders of the world. Plus, CNN has listed this village as a top 12 underreported travelling destination in the world.

Beautiful scenes, hospitable locals and typical Magar culture have decorated this place as a busy travelling destination. Many travelers from Nepal and India come to visit this place every day.  Construction of hotels and home-stays are on rise in this beautiful tourism place.

  • Zip diving from Bhedetar to Dharan is available.Commercial operation of a zip flyer adventure began in Bhedetar. Chief Minister of province 1 SherdhanRai officially inaugurated the 650-meter-long pioneer zip flyer project. The zip flyer starting from the takeoff station at the welcome gate of Bhedetar runs up to the landing station of Debhithan in Dharan-4.Bhetar Zip line

-Article written by: Bedu Khatiwoda for Land Nepal

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