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Ramechhap Bazar

Ramechhap Bazaar is a small hill station located in the Ramechhap district which is in province no.3, Nepal. Its altitude is 1218 m above sea level. It was declared as Ramechhap Municipality in 2016 by merging 6 VDCs.

It is the birthplace of Martyr Gangalal and Communist party leader Puspalal Shrestha. Previously, Ramechhap Bazaar was the capital of Ramechhap district and now Manthali is the capital. The place is amazing covered with grasses and full of greenery.

There is a district hospital, some schools, banks and some shops in the main Bazaar area. On every Thursday Hatiya is opened in the Bazaar area where various local products are sold at cheap prices.

Tourist destination and places to explore:

There are lots of historical and cultural heritages to explore in this place like Bhimsenthan, KewalesworMahadev, Himganga 16 Vagwati, ChandrakalaDevi, Ganesh Tar, and a naturally unique TarakhasePokhari which are very beautiful and attract tourists.

There are other places which at situated at high hills like ThalariDanda and Bhalukhop View Tower from where we can see the mesmerizing view of snowcapped mountain ranges like of Mahabharat Range and Himalayan Range. From these places, we can also see the wonderful view of sunrise and sunset. The beautiful view of GaurisankharHimal is also seen from there.

Ram mandir, Kalidevisthan, and HatetarMahadev are also some places to be visited. Various Jatra, Mela, and Cultural Program are organized here to attract tourists and increase tourism.

TilkesthanGadhi prepared to fight against the British, is also one of the historically important and visitable places over there.

It is also one of the best places for those who love adventure. People can do an adventure like paragliding, rock climbing, water rafting, and cycling.

There is also the Kalika Nisan VagwatiMandir inside the army camp which is very important in the view of cultural, natural, and also historical view. People have a strong belief that it has some supernatural power and if anyone correctly does the Puja then his/her wish will be fulfilled.

People of various caste and culture like Bhujel, Magar, Tamang, Newar, Hayu, Pahari, Majhi, and Sunuwar. The Hayu tribe is the rare tribe of Nepal that is at risk of extension. Here we can explore and learn about their culture and tradition.

This place is also the place where different mines are found like slate, marbles, irons which are important natural resources.

Different seasonal fruits like Junar, Curd apple, pulses like Kidney beans, soyabeans, and juices of fruits like Junar juice, lemon juice, Marmelos juice (bel fruit juice) are found at a very reasonable price and are purchased by many tourist visiting there.

There are small hotels and lounges where tourists can stay at a very reasonable price and the people of that place are very welcoming.

It is a very beautiful destination for those people who want to explore nature and want to have some adventurous experience and explore various cultural and historical places and view the beautiful scenery of the mountain is a very beautiful and a visitable place.

-Article written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal

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