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ChhateDhunga is a village development committee and a historical place which is located in Atharai municipality, Therathum district, Province no.1, Nepal. It is situated between the Ewa and Chuhandanda VDCs. It is located at altitude of 1425 m from sea level.

There are lots of villages inside this VDC. Itis at a distance of 39 km from Myanglyung, which is the capital of Therathum district. Some of the villages of this VDC are near the Tamor River. There are beautiful villages like Okharbote, Salleri.


First, the name of ChhateDhunga VDC was Pokhari VDC which was kept on the name of the pond situated there, after the pond dried of, the name was renamed as ChatteDhunga.

ChhateDhunga is the two Nepali words that mean umbrella stone, this is because the stones are in the shape of an umbrella. There are three umbrella pillars (pillars having a cap of the circular disk) made on that place and the name of the VDC is kept after that umbrella pillars. The pillar and disk i.e. umbrella-shaped stones were natural stones.

These 3 pillars were constructed by Suka Lal Kandawa who was one of the five sons of Jaipalal Kandawa. He constructed these pillars on the 18th of Magh 1981 B.S. He constructed this on the order of his father as he wanted to create history.

He constructed this by collecting the stones from the bank of different rivers of that village. Those stones were carried by human muscular force from the buttom of the river to the top as there was no machinery like cranes at that time.

Local Inhabitants:

The local inhabitants of that village are mainly Limbus including Brahmins and Chhetries.

Things to explore:

One of the major things to explore there is the miraculous ChhateDhunga. Three pillars are having a circular disc on their top which looks exactly like an umbrella. The middle pillar is 9 ft long whereas other two pillars are 6 ft tall. People also believe that they becomes lucky if the small stone thrown by them reach the circular disk and rest there.

In this place every year in the occasion of Tihar Mela(Fate) is organized and mainly football tournament takes place.

There is also an amazing pine forest from where the mesmerizing scenic view of the Kumbakarna mountain is seen. Inside the forest, there are lots of pine trees, which produce a musical sound that touches the ear and heart while air blows through its needle-shaped leaves. There is also a place where the dead bodies are buried.

There is a Gaurigunj Bazaar which is the main shopping area of that village. There is also a school, Pokhari higher secondary school, which is amazingly constructed where local children study.

There are many beautiful villages which can be explored and observe the adorable beauty of the village.

As ChhateDhunga is one of the historical places of Nepal, people from different parts of the country visit here to explore wonderfully constructed pillars. The scene from the top of the hill is very overwhelming.

-Article Written by: Kusum Kharel for Land Nepal




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