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Basic Info
City: Ram Dhuni
District: Sunsari
Province: 1
Country: Nepal

Ram Dhuni is a holy place situated at Sunsari District at Ram Dhuni VDC.One can reach there via local bus from Jhumka Situated at Mahendra Highway or can take Taxi because there are no regular buses .This place is situated in the deep green Jungle.This place is Thirty two kilometer south west of Dharan.

It is believed that in Treta Yug (era) Lord Ram arrived here during the days of his pursuit.They stay at this place at night and made a fire for the night. It is believed that that the fire is burning ever since. So this place get the name Ram Dhuni which means The place where Ram made a fire.

Beside Dhuni (the fire), there are statue of Lord Shiva made by Black and White Saligram stones.There are religious fairs organized here during Bibaha Panchami (November), Bala Chaturdasi (December),Ram navami ( April).There is a Tourism Information Center made for tourists. There is a Dharmashala (Shelter for pilgrims) in this place for pilgrims comfort.

This place is best destination for nature lover.




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