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Basic Info
City: Ram Dhuni
District: Sunsari
Province: 1
Country: Nepal

The spot Ram Dhuni is located in Sunsari , Province 1, Nepal. It is thirty two kilometers from Dharan, a town at the foot of the Chure hill region, belt of small hills stretched from the east to the west of Nepal. So you may go to Ram Dhuni via taxi or bus from Dharan or from Jhumka, a point , a small bazaar, on the East-west highway after around eight kilometers westward from Itahari, a junction between Biratnagar, the capital city of Province 1, and Dharan.

Ram Dhuni is named after Lord Rama, the incarnation of God in Treta Yuga, one of the four Eras depicted in Hindu mythology, and a fire, one of the Nepali terms includes ‘Dhuni’. It is believed that Lord Rama visited this place in pursuit of knowledge¬† in the cold month of December, set a fire and spent the night out there. They have never let the fire die since then, it is said.

Moreover, this spot also contains the statue of Lord Shiva made of black and white saligrams, sacred stones. It lies in the middle of the forest so you can enjoy the views green vegetations, birds and monkeys. If you wish to stay a couple of days or nights there, you can stay in a Dharmashala, meaning an inn for pilgrims or any tourists. Ram Dhuni is known in east Nepal for annual  fairs at the time of Bivaha Panchami, Rama Navami, and Bala Chaturdashi.



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