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Basic Info
City: Atharai
District: Terhathum
Province: 1
Country: Nepal

Chhatedhunga is a historical place situated in Atharai Rural Municipality ward no.-5, Terhathum district province 1 of Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 1425 meters from sea level. The name Chhatedhunga is driven from two Nepali words Chhata means Umbrella and Dhunga means Stone. There are three stone pillars made having caps of circular disk all pillars and caps made up of natural and locally collected stones. The central umbrella is about 9 feet tall and other two are about 6 feet tall.

This was built in 1989 BS under the leadership of Sukalal Kandanwa. That time no crane and othe machine was available to carry and lift up that much heavy load. The all work was done by human muscular force. Peoples come to visit here to watch the miraculous stone umbrella and beautiful scenic view of Mount Kumbhakarna. The surrounding area is full of pine forest, a musical sound touches ear produced by air blowing on the leaves of pine tree.



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