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Basic Info
City: Shambhunath
District: Saptari
Province: 2
Country: Nepal

Chandrabhoga Gadhi is a historical fort situated in Shambhunath Municipality, Saptari district of Province 2 Nepal.The village where the fort is located is called Kanakpatti and hence the ruins of the palace here is called Kanakpatti Palace. It is around 5 km north from east-west highway. This fort was originally built by sen rulers in 15th century. The temple of Chandrabhoga- clan deity of Sena was built by 27th Sena King Chandrasen. The fort is locally known as Chanarbhoga Gadhi and is believed to be the remnants of the Ekagarh, the palace of Sen Kings during winter season.
The fort was believed to be built by Sen King named Chandra Sen.Before the unification of Nepal Sen Dyanasty was from saptari to the Makwanpur in the west. In the first month of the Nepali Calendar, Baishakh the local people visit the place and sacrifice a goat to the deity Chanarbhoga



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